City of Wolverhampton Council will not be issuing any new driver badges or new vehicle applications plates until further notice, for more details please visit Taxi Licences

Private Hire Licences

The government has released its response to the Report of the Task and Finish Group on Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing - follow the link to read the full report.

Some newspapers have led with sensationalist headlines heralding changes that may affect drivers livelihoods and this could be very worrying for drivers. Nothing is going to happen immediately. The changes that are being suggested, in the main, are what the Council already require. One of the areas of concern for many of the 'out of area' drivers is the proposal to introduce a requirement that journeys begin and end in the same licensing authority area the licence was issued. The Government have said they will explore this issue further, no formal proposal is included on this issue and it is likely to require new legislation.  It is therefore unlikely that there will be any changes in the near future. Any legislative changes are also likely to include a long transition period.

Mandatory Child Sexual Exploitation / Safeguarding training sessions

The following resolution was made at the City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing Committee meeting on 12th July 2017.

All drivers will have had to have attended a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)/Safeguarding course by the time of their next badge renewal. That child sexual exploitation training is mandatory for all private hire licence holders and that all current drivers, who have not yet undertaken the training, must undertake the training within one year of the date of the decision of the Licensing Committee.  Should a driver fail to do so their badge will not be renewed.

If you have already attended a course after 25th September 2015 then you will not be required to attend the safeguarding course.

Contact Licensing Services
Change of Name

If you wish to change your name, you will need all of the following for us to process this:

  • Your DVLA Driving Licence in your current name.
  • A Deed Poll certificate showing your current name. This certificate must either be enrolled via the Magistrates’ Court, endorsed by a solicitor, or completed via the UK Deed Poll Office.
  • Your right to work documents in your current name – If you require further guidance please see out Right to Work page.

If all of the above have not been provided, we will not be able to process your change of name request. Any previous names must be declared during your application for a DBS certificate, and your application for a licence.

If you have all of the above, please bring all of the above original documents to:

Civic Centre,
St Peter’s Square,
WV1 1DA.

If you are currently licensed by the City of Wolverhampton Council, please bring your two badges and your paper licence. This will then be re-printed at Licensing Reception into your current name at no cost.

The applicant/licence holder must ensure that all documents are in the current, correct name before we will be able to proceed.