See a list of Taxi Licence Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Both drivers and vehicles licence FAQs

I am experiencing difficulties with making my online payment

Try using a PC/Laptop rather than a mobile device and use Google Chrome rather than your usual internet browser.

I’ve applied through a third party/operator. I have not heard anything and they are not updating me regarding my application. I have visited them and they keep telling me to contact you for a status update?

The Council has no approved agents or third parties and any service provided to support applicants is not regulated or controlled by the Council. 

The Council cannot provide information unless you have an application reference number beginning with WTP.  If you have paid a third party to submit your application and have not received notice (by e-mail from I-apply) you will need to take this up with the third party.

If you have received a confirmation/acknowledgment e-mail from I-apply the application will be dealt with in the normal way.

I have submitted an application online using iApply and have not received an email acknowledgement.

Please check your junk/spam folders,  if you have still not received it then it is likely that you have incorrectly entered your email address.

For Driver badge enquiries - Contact us with your WTP reference number

For Vehicle Licence enquiries -  Contact us with your WTP reference number and Vehicle Registration Number confirming your correct email address for correspondence.

Contact Licensing Services

Why hasn’t my licence been granted for a full year?

Driver Licence

This could be due to the expiry of your medical or right to work status. Applicants with a short term DVLA driving licence will receive a licence to drive a private hire vehicle valid until the expiry date of their driving licence.

From 01 April 2021, if you have not provided consent for Licensing Services to check your information against the DBS Update Service, you may only be issued a six-month licence.

Vehicle Licence

This could be due to the age of your vehicle. If a vehicle is over 10 years old and you have applied for a 12 month licence, your licence is granted for 6 months initially, you are then required to attend a 6 month compliance check appointment with a new MOT (dated within 10 working days of your appointment) to collect the remaining period of your vehicle licence for no additional cost.

Driver Licence FAQs

What documents do I need to bring when my badges are ready to collect?

Please see our Right to Work in the UK page

How do I renew my existing licence?

In order to renew your current Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Driver Licence you will require a Personal Reference Number that will be issued to you at least 4 weeks prior to expiry via email in the form of a Renewal Letter.

The letter will detail the documents that are required in order to renew along with the Personal Reference Number.  It is important to ensure Licensing Services have your current email address on file.

If you haven’t received your Renewal Letter with less than 4 weeks to expiry please email with your current badge number and current email address.

I’m renewing my licence, do I need to re-do my medical and DBS?

Applicants that require a medical/DBS will be advised of this in their renewal letter/e-mail.

We aim to notify renewals at least one calendar month before the expiry.

However, please note we are not obliged to do this. It is the licence holder’s responsibility to ensure a renewal application is submitted at least ten working days before the expiry of their licence.

If your current Medical/DBS do not cover the period of the licence for which you are applying you may be issued with a “Short Term Licence”.  You will be required to submit a new Medical/DBS prior to expiry of this “Short Term Licence” in order to receive the full licence period for which you have applied.

The medical practitioner has refused to complete the medical certificate, What can I do?

If a medical practitioner has refused to complete the medical certificate, it is advised to visit another GMC-registered medical practitioner

Where can I use my private hire driver licence?

You can use your private hire driver licence to conduct journeys anywhere in the country, however, you must receive the booking from an operator licensed by City of Wolverhampton Council and complete it in a vehicle licensed for private hire by City of Wolverhampton Council.

What should I do if I have applied for a licence/if I am currently licensed and receive a fixed penalty notice, caution, conviction, reprimand or warning?

You must provide full details in writing to Licensing Services within 48 hours using our web form

Complete our Notification of convictions, cautions and FPNs webform

Vehicle Licence FAQs

What is the maximum age of a vehicle?

The vehicle must be no older than 11 years 6 months. Vehicles are not plated past 12 years.

What is the maximum number of passenger seats?

The vehicle must have no more than 8 seats and passenger opening doors on both sides and all seats must be forward facing.

What type of vehicle requirements are there?

There is no minimum or maximum engine size.

Can you plate a gas/electric/hybrid car?

Yes. We require the LPG certificate on the submission of the application and the log book must state the vehicle is LPG

Can you plate an insurance category C/D or S/N vehicle?

Yes we can accept these.

Can I have a car with tinted windows or other modifications?

Only manufactured/factory fitted privacy glass is permitted. Aftermarket tints are not permitted and must be removed before licensing. Any other modifications will be considered on a case by case basis.

To make an enquiry, contact us using our web form and select 'Vehicle enquiry'

Email Licensing Service

Do City of Wolverhampton Council allow CCTV?

Yes, provided the conditions outlined in the Taxi CCTV Policy (available in the Downloads section) are met.

Can my vehicle be executive/exempt from displaying signage?

Only Wolverhampton operators can have executive/exempt vehicles. Only certain vehicles on our fleet can apply for the executive license, please email us to check if the vehicle make and model qualify. The fee for this is £75 – additional to the application fee.

All owner/drivers must display operator permanent sticker signage at all times – they cannot apply.

Email Licensing Service

My Vehicle is licenced as a taxi elsewhere can I licence it with Wolverhampton?

City of Wolverhampton Council do not permit multi-licensing of vehicles.

In relation to the private hire vehicles multi-licensed with other authorities, these will be in breach of our Licensing conditions. Please refer to our private hire vehicle conditions section. 

This means you are required to either surrender the Private hire licenses: 

  • with the other authorities
  • with ourselves
Can someone else drive my vehicle for private use?

Only if they hold a private hire drivers licence with City of Wolverhampton Council and have the appropriate insurance. If you are unsure, please email us using our web form

Email Licensing Service

I have brought a brand-new registered vehicle do I need to do an MOT?

If the vehicle is brand new with only delivery mileage maximum 500 miles, then no we do not require an MOT. On the application it does ask if the vehicle is brand new with delivery mileage. If the vehicle has more than 500 miles than yes, we do require a new MOT within 10 working days.

I’m renewing my vehicle plates do I need to renew my MOT?

Yes. An MOT certificate, no more than 10 working days old, from an approved garage, must be provided when submitting a vehicle application.

View our Approved MOT testing stations

Can a vehicle be plated without the log book?

No.  A log book or new keepers slip is required to apply for a Hackney Carriage/ Private Hire Vehicle Licence.  A replacement log book can be obtained from the DVLA by completing a V62 form. If the vehicle is brand new we can accept a vehicle invoice.

We do now accept the V5 on demand scheme for fleet services.

I am not the registered keeper of the vehicle? Can I apply?

No, the applicant for a vehicle licence must be the legal owner of the vehicle.

Can you replace a current licensed vehicle with a new vehicle (Replacement)?

We no longer take appointments for replacement vehicles, all operators/hire companies and individuals must make a new online application. You will need to ensure you submit a renewal application.

They must ensure they provide their Private Hire number on the application, so we can identify it is a replacement application. The applicant/proprietor must be the same individual on the old and new vehicle applications.  

If there is 6 calendar months or more remaining on the current vehicle we will treat this new application as a free fast-track and this will be undertaken within 2 working days but the application must be undertaken online.

We require an MOT certificate within 10 working days of the application, log book or new keeper slip and a valid insurance certificate for the new vehicle.

We will no longer calculate the charge on the day, if the vehicle is under 10 years old there will be a full charge of £135 and if over 10 years old and under 12 £299 for 1-year licence or £169 for 6-month licence – this payment is taken online.

Complete our Vehicle Replacement web form

I have sold my vehicle; can I transfer the license to another Wolverhampton Driver (Transfer)?

If you have sold your private hire/ hackney carriage vehicle, you are under a duty to either surrender your licence by clicking here or if you have sold your vehicle licence to another Wolverhampton licensed Driver, you will need to complete the transfer form within 14 days of sale. The form can be accessed by clicking here.

The completed transfer form must be signed by the previous and new vehicle proprietor and emailed to - along with the correct Insurance Certificate and New Keeper Slip/ V5 Log Book in the new owner’s name. Once we have received the transfer from and documentation you will be contacted by Customer Services regarding the £25 fee payable by debit or credit card.

The new keeper will then be issued the Licence via email. There is no appointment required to attend our offices.

I've changed address How can I report this?
My Private Hire plate has been lost/stolen what do I do?

Please report using our webform

Report lost/stolen plates

Can I put a private reg on my vehicle?

In order to have your Private Hire Vehicle Licence registration amended to your private DVLA registration you are required to provide us with the following documents via email. The V778 Retention Document, V750 Certificate of Entitlement with the online reference number or V5 document and Insurance Certificate showing the new registration has been transferred.

Please contact us using our web form.

Once received you will be contacted via telephone to make the £37 payment and then emailed with an appointment to attend Hickman Avenue to collect the new licence plate.

Contact Licensing Services

I’ve had an accident. How can I report this to Licensing Services?

Please use our Taxi Accident web form to report an accident to your vehicle.

Report an accident

I no longer wish to licence my vehicle. How can I report this to Vehicle Licensing?

The vehicle licence will need to be returned to the City of Wolverhampton Council.   

You surrender the license by post. The address is the City of Wolverhampton Council, Hickman Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV1 2HE. 

Please send the internal, external licence plate and the pre-book stickers along with a completed Surrender form that can be found in the Downloads section.

I need a replacement…?

You must bring in your DVLA Driving Licence and Drivers Badge as proof of ID, complete a form, then pay a fee:

Miscellaneous Parts:

New Driver Badge (Each)


Paper Licence Replacements




Small Pouch (Holds Driver Badge)



Private Hire Vehicle

Please email us using our web form for an appointment to collect:

Damaged Exterior Plate


Damaged Interior Plate


Large Pouch (Holds Internal Plate)


Fixing Bracket


Bracket Fixing Clips

4 for £1

No Smoking sticker


Pre Book Sticker

2 for £1

Email Licensing Services