When heading home, make sure you are taking a licensed vehicle. These will either need to be pre-booked or found at one of our taxi ranks.

Get Home Safe


Make sure you know the difference between taxis and private hire vehicles next time you need to travel.



Hackney Carriage plateHow to identify a taxi

  • Have an illuminated 'taxi' roof sign
  • Will display a green plate on the rear of the vehicle

Taxi accessibility

  • All have disabled access
  • Must accept assistance dogs

Using a taxi

  • Can be hired at a taxi rank
  • Can be flagged down in the street
  • Can be pre-booked

Private hire

Private Hire plateHow to identify a private hire vehicle

  • Must have door signs displaying company logo
  • Will display a yellow plate on the rear of the vehicle
  • Must display private hire plate in front windscreen

Private hire accessibility

  • Must accept assistance dogs
  • Do not always have disabled access

Using a private hire vehicle

  • Cannot be flagged down in the street
  • Must always be pre-booked

Follow these SAFETY tips next time you use a taxi or private hire vehicle:

Share information with someone you trust about your journey and the vehicle you are in
Ask the driver to show you their badge before you start the journey
Find out which licensed taxis and private hire vehicles operate in your area and plan your journey
Examine the vehicle before you get in. Is a license displayed on the vehicle, does it look roadworthy?
Trust your instincts. If you feel worried or threatened, ask the driver to stop so you can get out
You can report any concerns to the police and your local licensing authority


If you need to make a complaint about a driver or a vehicle, please visit our complaints page.

Booking licensed prom vehicles

Are you planning to book a luxury vehicle for prom night? Make sure your vehicle and driver are licensed. Unlicensed drivers or vehicles could put your child and their friends at risk. For more information, please watch the video below:

Checks to carry out when hiring a vehicle and chauffeur

You can carry out simple checks to make sure that the limo you book is safe and legal. The checks you need to do depend on how many passenger seats the limo has.

Companies hiring out a vehicle and driver with fewer than nine seats may require a private hire vehicle operator’s licence from City of Wolverhampton Council. Ask the company if they are licensed and which local authority licenses them, then contact that authority to confirm.

You can also check to see if they are licensed for Wolverhampton based companies online at Wolverhampton Driver Portal (iapply.co.uk)

Companies hiring out a limousine with a driver with 9 passenger seats or more must have a public service vehicle (PSV) operator licence, issued by a Traffic Commissioner. You can search online at www.gov.uk/find-vehicle-operators.

If they don’t have a licence, they’re could be operating illegally. You can report this at www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/licences/taxi-licences/taxi-complaints or by calling 01902 55 TAXI.

Remember, be safe, not sorry.