We offer a Fast Track service where we will process your application within two working days or less

Due to unprecedented demand, as of 19 July 2023, Vehicle and New Driver fast tracks are suspended to ensure that normal applications can be processed within our service level agreements. This is so we can deliver excellent customer service to all applicants. Once we have dealt with the backlog of applications, the fast track service will resume. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A vehicle licensing fast track service is available for £180.00 with a limited availability of 4 appointments 08:30 – 09:00 and 4 appointments 16:00 – 16:30. Appointments are bookable within the next 2 working day period. New appointments will be available for booking each working day.

We can only fast track correct and complete applications.

New Driver

Will I be able to Fast Track with criminal/motoring convictions?

If you have three current penalty points or fewer on your driving licence for a minor traffic offence, you may be able to fast track. If you have more than three points or any information on your DBS certificate we will be unable to complete your application within the two working days specified, as you may need to attend a hearing to discuss this information.

Can I Fast Track if I am licensed/have been previously licensed by another local authority?

No. The reason is since we will need to consult with this local authority, to which there is no timescale, unfortunately.

What are the requirements in order to Fast Track for a new Driver application?

In addition to the above, the answer to the following questions must be ‘Yes’ to proceed:

Please note that if Licensing Services find any information is not correct when your application is checked, we will not be able to treat it as a Fast Track and no refund will be given.

  • Have you paid the application fee through Sage Pay?
  • Have you received an email confirmation with the WTP reference number?
  • Have you passed the Private Hire Training and Assessment Programme within 12 months of your application?
  • You have never applied or held a licence with any other local authority?
  • Have you previously applied or held a licence with City of Wolverhampton council? If so, please provide previous badge number if the application was granted. 
  • Do you have a full enhanced DBS certificate for the occupation of a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle driver?
  • Have you either provided consent for Licensing Services to check your DVLA record with TaxiPlus Wolverhampton, or submitted a DVLA check code to Licensing Services?
  • Are your DBS certificate and DVLA driving record clear of convictions, cautions or reprimands?
  • Is your DBS certificate registered on the Update Service, and have Licensing Services been provided with consent to check your information with the Disclosure and Barring Service?
    • If you have answered ‘No’ to this question, please note that Licensing Services will only be able to issue you with a six month licence from the date of issue of your DBS certificate.
  • Have you submitted an acceptable image of all pages of your full enhanced DBS certificate?
  • Is all information detailed on your full enhanced DBS certificate still accurate?
  • Have you submitted an acceptable image of both sides of your full UK driving licence for Category B vehicles, which you have held for at least 12 months?
  • Have you submitted an acceptable image of a completed medical certificate, which states that you are fit to drive to the DVLA Group 2 standard?
  • Is your Medical certificate dated within 4 months of the application date, with the doctor’s endorsement that you are fit to be a Private Hire driver?
  • Has the doctor selected a medical assessment schedule?
  • Have you submitted an acceptable passport-type photograph of yourself?
  • Is your full name consistent across all documents you have provided?
  • Are all of your documents in the same address? If not, have you sent us your current DVLA Driving Licence and a confirmation of your old and new address?
  • Do you have documents evidencing your right to work in the UK?

If the answer to the above is ‘Yes’, please contact our Customer Services team on 01902 551155 who will take payment for your application.

Renewal Driver


What are the requirements in order to Fast Track for a vehicle application?

The answer to the below questions must be ‘Yes’ in order to proceed:

  • Have you submitted your V5 Registration Document?
  • Have you submitted an MOT Certificate from one of our approved testing stations within the last 10 working days?
  • Have you submitted a copy of your Insurance Certificate?
  • Have you submitted a basic DBS Certificate issued within the last 12 months or do you hold a Valid Private Hire Drivers Badge?

If the answer to the above is ‘Yes’, please contact our Customer Services team on 01902 551155 who will take payment for your application.

On process of your application if it is not correct as confirmed above, your fast track may be delayed awaiting this information.

Do not attend your appointment without a confirmation email from vehicle licensing.