Find out about road works on roads within Wolverhampton and information on parking in and around Wolverhampton City Centre.
Parking on Grass Verges

Many of the city’s roads were designed at a time when there weren't as many cars on the road. This increase in the number of cars has added to the amount of parking required, resulting in some drivers parking on grass verges.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have the funds to prevent parking on grass verges.

If any parking is causing issues with road safety, please let us know so we can investigate it. Residents shouldn't put any objects onto grass verges to prevent parking.

Reporting vehicles parking on grass verges

Please let us know if you have concerns with vehicles parking on grass verges. This information can help us target locations to improve road safety.

Tell us about parking on a grass verge

Road Signs, Street Signs and Markings
Street name plates

It is important, as we travel further from our local area, that we can find where we are and where we want to go quickly and efficiently. Most importantly it is vital in the event of an urgent situation that you and your street can be located quickly by the emergency services.

The council is also responsible for repair and maintenance of street name plates when this becomes necessary either due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear.

In the case of a new development, however, the developer is responsible for the erection of name plates to the council's specification.

Report problems with street name signs

To report damaged, missing, faded, problems with the location of, or to request an additional street name plate contact the Roads Teams.

Winter on the roads