The over-riding priority outside schools across the city of Wolverhampton is the safety of children.

Parents who choose to take their children to and from school, by car, must obey the parking restrictions in place.

School Keep Clear Markings

No stopping, (even if picking up or dropping off children).

Outside most of the schools across the city yellow school keep clear markings can be found. No vehicles, including those displaying a blue badge, are allowed to stop on these markings for any reason during the hours shown on the accompanying signs.

Single/Double Yellow Lines









Waiting is not permitted at any time on double yellow lines, and not permitted on single yellow lines during the times stated on accompanying signs.

Yellow lines apply from the centre of the road and include pavements and verges alongside the lines. You may be issued with a penalty charge notice if you park on the pavement or a verge alongside a yellow line.

Parking or driving along the pavement and grass verges is a potential hazard to children and could result in enforcement action by West Midland Police as an obstruction of the highway or dangerous driving.

Disabled Parking Permits:  Blue badge holders can park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line where there are no loading/unloading restrictions in place, and where the vehicle does not cause an obstruction. The blue badge must be displayed, and the clock must be set to the time of arrival.










Loading/unloading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb. Single yellow kerb markings mean loading/unloading is prohibited during the times shown on the accompanying signs. Double yellow kerb markings mean no loading/unloading at any time.

Loading and unloading is considered to be taking place where items are being taken to and from a vehicle, this does not cover packing, unpacking, or assembly.

Disabled Parking Permits:  Blue badge holders are not permitted to park on restrictions where loading bans are present.

Remember the parking restrictions found around schools are there to protect the safety of all children, including your own.

For any further information regarding parking restrictions around schools please contact Customer Services on 01902 551155, or contact parking-services