The over-riding priority outside schools across the city of Wolverhampton is the safety of children.

The daily school run raises many concerns about road congestion and road safety.

To try and help with this, we have an ongoing programme of reviewing roads near schools. As a result, we may introduce changes to the road, such as new parking restrictions.

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Parents who choose to take their children to and from school, by car, must obey the parking restrictions in place.

Remember the parking restrictions found around schools are there to protect the safety of all children, including your own.

School Keep Clear Markings

No stopping, (even if picking up or dropping off children).

You will often see yellow school keep clear markings outside schools across the city.

You must not stop here for any reason during the hours shown on the accompanying signs.

Disabled Parking Permits:  Blue badge holders are not permitted to park on restrictions where loading bans are present.


Our Enforcement Officers can take action against anyone breaking any parking restrictions

The Police are responsible for the enforcement of some highway obstruction laws. When cars regularly block driveways, residents should call the non-emergency police number 101.

Residents experiencing this could also apply for an “H” Marking across their driveway. This highlights a section of road where drivers should not park.

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