Trip hazards on pavements are a key concern at all times whilst the problems of weeds, standing water and ice tend to be more seasonal.

Trip hazards and other defects on pavements can be reported to the council. In reporting defects, it is important to be as precise as possible as regards the location, type of surfacing and the nature of the defect. This will enable the problem to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. 

Pavements, particularly those constructed of paving slabs, can suffer very badly from overriding vehicles. Residents are asked not to park or drive on this type of surfacing. Please note - In the case of damage caused by vehicles, it will help us, if possible, to report the vehicle number/make or type and other details such as names or telephone numbers seen on the vehicles so that the council can possibly recover the cost of repairs to the pavement.

Reporting footpath or pavement defects or other problems

You can report any of the following:

  • uneven paving
  • loose paving slabs or pavement surfaces
  • broken slabs or pavement holes
  • missing paving slabs
  • pavement trip hazards
  • stolen pavement materials

To report footpath/pavement defects or any other problems please fill out the form below.

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