An H marking is a road marking used across vehicle access or driveways.

What is an H Marking used for?

H markings mark areas of the road that drivers should keep clear (when waiting or parking) to allow access.

These markings can only be provided on roads where there are no existing waiting restrictions.

How long can the marking be?

"H" markings go the width of the point of access or driveway. This will usually be where the kerb begins to slope

Can I use the “H” marking to reserve a parking space for my own vehicle?

An "H" marking doesn't show parking spaces for residents, they show areas where there should be no parking or waiting.

If you or your visitors park on the “H” marking it will encourage others to do the same.

Can an “H” marking be legally enforced?

Whilst they have no legal backing, “H” markings are a nationally recognised marking. Giving the Police evidence of an obstruction can allow them to take action if appropriate.

Contact the Police on the non-emergency number 101

Getting an “H” Marking

We will only consider "H" marking Applications where:

  • access is regularly obstructed.
  • the property has legal access. Access to the property is via a dropped kerb.
  • the property has off-street parking provision.
  • vehicles need access to a communal parking area.
  • where there is a dropped kerb to assist pedestrians with prams or wheelchair users to cross the road.

Please note:

  • if you do not own the property, you have your landlords support for the request.
  • there is a non-refundable fee for assessing applications.