An 'H' marking is used to tell drivers not to wait or park where other vehicles need access. Find out the application criteria and make an application.

What is an ‘H’ marking?

It is a marking on the road, shaped like an elongated ‘H’ (|------|), across vehicle access points or driveways. They show drivers where there is access to properties. There is no parking or waiting allowed.

Having an ‘H’ marking (also known as a ‘keep clear’ marking) will not guarantee your driveway will remain clear at all times. Although, they have proved successful in deterring drivers from parking across access points.

Can 'H' markings be legally enforced?

The Council cannot take enforcement action against vehicles parked on an ‘H’ marking.

Whilst they have no legal backing, ‘H’ markings are a nationally recognised marking. They give the Police extra evidence to issue a parking ticket for obstruction. You should contact the Police using the non-emergency number 101.

It is already an offence for someone to cause an obstruction by parking across a driveway. You should report any obstruction to the Police by calling 101. They have the power to take appropriate action.

Can I use the ‘H’ marking to reserve a parking space for my own vehicle?

An 'H' marking doesn't show parking spaces for residents. They show areas where there should be no parking or waiting.

If you or your visitors park on the “H” marking it will encourage others to do the same.

How long can the 'H' marking be?

Markings are only intended to mark out the width of a driveway. This is from a point where the kerbs start sloping down (usually 1 metre from the edge of the driveway).

Getting ‘H’ markings

‘H’ markings are only added where the blocking of access occurs on a regular basis. We consider applications for ‘H’ markings where:

  • access is regularly obstructed
  • the property has legal access. Access to the property is via a dropped kerb
  • the property has off-street parking (i.e a driveway)
  • vehicles need access to a communal parking area
  • there is a dropped kerb to assist pedestrians with prams or wheelchair users to cross the road
  • the property is near to a school
  • entrances to business/residential parking areas are not obvious with people often obstruct them
  • there is a negative impact on business activity

Please note:

  • if you do not own the property, you have your landlords support for the request
  • if you have shared access, your neighbour will be contacted. We cannot put an 'H' marking across part of a dropped kerb
  • there is a non-refundable fee of £120 for assessing applications

Apply for an 'H' marking