Request gritting, grit bins and more.

Resources do not permit all carriageways to be treated and hence a priority network has been established which covers approximately 386.3 km of carriageway. The carriageways on the priority network are divided into three categories:- 

  • Priority 1 roads include the principal roads, main and local distributor roads, some bus routes, steep roads and locations where safety becomes critical at an early stage within the city and as such the policy is to prevent predicted ice from forming or snow from accumulating.
  • Priority 2 roads, although not as important as Priority 1 roads are generally heavily used and therefore it is essential to maintain free movement of all traffic. The winter service policy is that for these roads predicted ice will not generally form but, if it does, it will not remain for more than two hours without treatment.
  • Priority 3 roads form the remainder of the network and will not normally be treated as part of the routine operations. The treatment of these roads must only take place following a sustained period of severe snow conditions and providing that all the preceding priority routes have been cleared and are kept clear, and the client officer will monitor the situation and issue the appropriate instructions following consultations with other departments.

Please be advised, if your street is not registered as an adopted highway – you would need to speak to the housing/estate developer to request gritting and/or grit bins.