You will need a permit if parking within designated parking zone when Wolverhampton Wanderers FC are playing at the Molineux and during advertised events.

You can only apply for a match day parking permit if you are a resident, landlord or business owner of a property located within the matchday parking zone. Please see “Roads covered by the matchday zone” for the full list of roads.


During advertised events and match days, the following restrictions will apply in addition to any already in place:

  • only vehicles displaying a valid residents, visitor or business permit will be allowed to park in bays marked 'permit holders only during matchday times'
  • areas of limited waiting will apply to all vehicles, with or without a permit
  • no vehicle may park on single yellow lines
  • no vehicle may park on double yellow lines
  • disabled badge holders must not park in bays marked 'permit holders only during matchday times' unless they hold a valid residents, visitor or business permit
Roads covered by the matchday zone
  • Almond Grove
  • Appletree Grove
  • Austin Street
  • Badger Drive
  • Bath Avenue
  • Bright Street
  • Cannock Road - 33 to 181 only
  • Chester Street
  • Coven Street
  • Devon Road
  • Drummond Street
  • Dunkley Street
  • Dunstall Avenue
  • Dunstall Hill
  • Dunstall Road
  • Fawdry Street
  • Francis Street
  • Gloucester Streetp>
  • Great Hampton Street
  • Harrow Street
  • Jameson Street
  • Kingsland Road
  • Lansdowne Road
  • Leicester Street
  • Lydian Close
  • Morley Grove
  • Mostyn Street
  • New Hampton Road East
  • New Hampton Road West
  • Paget Street
  • Park Avenue
  • Prole Street
  • Cannock Road Service Road - 2 to 73
  • Rugby Street
  • Sherwood Street
  • Smestow Street
  • Staveley Road
  • The part of Badger Drive leading to Badger Court
  • Wright Street
Days and hours of operation

The match day parking zone will operate as follows:

  • weekend and bank holiday fixtures: 12pm to 6.30pm
  • weekday fixtures: 6pm to 10pm.

Application for the permit is free, replacement permits are £10.

Replacement permits

If you require a replacement permit there will be a charge of £10. Please complete the contact us form providing details of the lost permit. Once the following form has been completed, you will then be contacted by telephone to make payment via credit or debit card.

Apply for or renew a match day parking zone permit

Please complete the form below to submit your application.

Before completing the form you will need copies of

  • proof of address (e.g. Council Tax bill, utility bill or tenancy agreement)
  • proof of vehicle ownership (this must be provided for each vehicle)

These will need to be uploaded at the end of the form. Business applicants will also need to provide evidence of need.

Students - to prove you live at an address within the Match Day Parking Zone, you can provide either:

  • a copy of your tenancy agreement
  • a letter from Wolverhampton University showing you are a registered student

Please note, City of Wolverhampton Council does not run a residential parking permit scheme.

  • Current Start
  • Preview
  • Complete

Your details


Customer name


Customer address


Additional details

Proof of address

You can upload the following: Council Tax bill, utility bill or tenancy agreement.

Vehicle registration details

Not required for visitor permits


I hereby apply for a parking permit and declare that the information provided is accurate and true. I understand that the permit remains the property of Wolverhampton City Council and that replacements will be charged for. I understand that permits are not transferable and the facility may be withdrawn if the permit is found to have been misused. I furthermore undertake not to park in such a way as to obstruct pedestrian routes, the highway or any residential or business premises and understand that doing so may lead to the withdrawal of my permit.

Additional declaration (business applicants only)

Permits issued to businesses which are within the boundaries of the Match Day Parking Controlled Zone, must only be used for the effective operation of that particular business. The regulations do not allow for any Business Permit to be used by anybody other than by the business concerned. The business owner/manager who is responsible for the delegation of use of the Business Permits should also complete and sign the additional Declaration by Business Applicants below. Addition Declaration by BUSINESS Applicants I confirm that the Business Permit(s) for which I have applied will only be used by occupants employed by this company/business solely in conjunction with the effective operation of this business.