The A454 corridor runs between Wolverhampton and Walsall. There are proposed improvements to help journey reliability and create efficient travel.

A545 Improvements

The A454 is crucial for local communities and businesses. Improvements are needed as congestion is an issue, particularly during peak times. Also, the current road does not allow for different modes of transports.

This junction will improve journey reliability across all modes, pedestrian and cycling provisions. It will also create efficient travel between

  • Wolverhampton City Centre
  • the east of Wolverhampton
  • Walsall

There will be a vast improvement to infrastructure for:

  • vehicles
  • buses
  • pedestrians
  • cyclists

These improvements align with strategic policies in the

  • Black Country Core Strategy
  • Strategic Economic Plan


We considered and assessed fourteen designs. using the Department for Transport approved methodology. These were then the subject of public consultation.

We selected two of the fourteen options for further consideration. The Cabinet reviewed Options 1 & 5. They chose Option 5 for further development as it gave the best long-term benefits. Public consultation supported this opinion.


Environmental benefits
  • Improve air quality by removing an air quality exceedance area
  • Improve cycling facilities
  • Improve pedestrian facilities
  • Reduce traffic congestion across Wolverhampton City
Regeneration benefits
  • Improve road network
  • Regenerate City Centre
  • Support future regeneration projects
  • Reduce delays in travel times
  • Provide Multi-modal travel
  • Support the development of businesses that use Neachells Lane
Public Health benefits
  • Safer cycle routes
  • Safe pedestrian walking facilities
  • Reduction in polluted air near residential areas
Economic benefits
  • Support the growth of local businesses
  • Improve potential for investment in the area because of long-term transport benefits
  • Improve access to residential areas
  • Support major identified regeneration sites

Improvement Phases