Parking charges and restrictions apply on roads around New Cross Hospital. Residents, Landlords and Business owners can apply for permits.

The New Cross Area Controlled Parking Zone restricts parking around the hospital.

These restrictions consist of designated Pay & Display bays and Permit Holder Only bays.

Pay and Display bays

If you park within a Pay & Display bay, you must display either:

  • a valid Pay & Display ticket
  • a valid permit.

Permit Only bays

If you park within a Permit Holder Only bay, you must display:

  • a valid permit

Please note - Pay & Display tickets are not valid in these bays.

Applying for a permit

You can apply for a permit if you are:

  • a resident
  • landlord
  • business owner

your property must be within the controlled parking zone.

Use the button below to apply for a new permit or renew an existing one

Apply for a permit

Roads covered by the controlled parking zone

Days and hours of operation

Restrictions apply Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays, between 7:00am and 8:00pm

The Permit/Pay & Display restrictions do not apply between 8:00pm and 7:00am

Permit Only bay Cost

Resident Permit

New permit £20.00
Replacement permit £20.00
Permit renewal £20.00

Business Permits

New business permits (max. 3 per premises) £20.00
replacement business permit £20.00
Business permit renewal £20.00

Visitor Permits

A booklet of 20 visitor permits can be issued per household at a charge of £5.00 per book



Pay & Display bay cost

Pay and Display charges are as follows (please refer to the machine to check if it is a Short Stay or Long Stay area):

Short Stay

Up to 15 minutes Free (ticket must still be obtained from a machine)
Up to 1 hour  £1.00
Up to 2.5 hours    £2.00
Up to 5 hours      £2.50

Long Stay

Up to 13 hours £3.00

Blue Badge Holders

Blue badge holders may park within marked Pay & Display bays without charge for up to 3 hours