There are a lot of benefits to cycling regularly - you can save money on motoring and public transport costs, and keep fit without having to pay for the gym.

Cycling is a quick, reliable and fun way to get around, whether you are going to work, a friend’s house or out for enjoyment. For families and friends, it can be a great way to spend time together.

There are many routes with safety improvements. This means that people can cycle with more confidence and keep their bikes secure.

Most places in Wolverhampton are within half an hour’s ride from the city centre.

Benefits to you

  • save money on petrol
  • save money on car parking
  • save money on bus fares
  • save money on gyms or other paid exercise
  • help you to stay fit and healthy
  • as you get used to cycling, your journeys may take no longer than driving.

Benefits to the City

  • reduce air pollution
  • reduce congestion
  • reduce noise pollution
  • better air quality will be good everyone who lives in Wolverhampton, particularly children.
Top tips for enjoying cycling in Wolverhampton

Renew your skills

  • get some refresher training
  • practice somewhere traffic free
  • look at the Highway Code

Check your bike

  • visit Cycling UK for some handy tips
  • get your bike serviced by a qualified bike technician.

Plan your route

  • Use a journey planner to make sure it is right for your level of cycling ability.

Wear comfortable clothing

  • nothing that could catch in the bike wheels or chain
  • bright colours in daylight
  • fluorescent colours when the light is fading
  • reflective clothing at night.

Wear a helmet

  • make sure it is good condition with no damage
  • make sure it fits

Carry lights

  • If there is any chance you will be riding in dim light or darkness.
  • Bike lights are cheap, bright and easy to attach.
  • LED lights use less battery and you can also get some that attach to helmets and clothes.

Carrying items

  • Use a bag or basket attached to your bike

Stay alert

  • think about what is happening around you
  • treat other road users with consideration
  • give clear signals so everyone knows what to expect

Secure your bike

  • use a good quality lock
  • use cycle parking hoops

Let us know if there is a problem with the roads that makes cycling difficult or dangerous

Cycling long distances

If you want to cycle longer distances, the surrounding parts of the region have their own cycle maps. Use the buttons below to see the maps from each area

Walsall     Sandwell

Dudley     Birmingham

The Canal Towpath Network has had many improvements. This provides a good quality surface for cycling.

The Sustrans National Cycle Network extends throughout the country. Many of its routes are traffic free.

The Starley Network

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has unveiled the Starley Network, a new 500-mile cycling vision for the West Midlands.

The Starley Network represents a new era for the region’s cycling network, which has been reimagined and re-branded to reflect the West Midlands’ ambitions following a surge in people taking to their bikes since the coronavirus pandemic.  

All 493 miles of the routes on the new network will be dedicated for active travel, with the ambition that the routes will either be traffic free away from the highway, or within roads but physically separated from traffic.

More information can be found on the TfWM website



Bikeability is described as the 21st Century Cycling Proficiency course. It is designed to give young people confidence in cycling on the roads.

City of Wolverhampton Council’s Sport and Recreation Service organise courses for 8-15 year olds at Aldersley Leisure Village in conjunction with the Traffic and Road Safety Team during school holidays.

Details of these courses can be found on the Bikeability website.

Visit Bikeability

Next Available Courses:

Further details can be found in the Bikeability leaflet found in the Downloads section.

Dr Bike

Dr Bike is a free service to residents to get a bike checked over. The bike mechanic will be able to check brakes, lights, gears etc and make any minor adjustments to ensure a bike is safe to ride. This check is free to residents to encourage cycling safely and maybe giving a forgotten bike a little TLC.
If a major fault is found, advice will be given on how the bike can be made safe if possible and if necessary directed to a bike service centre for fixing at the owners expense.
The following sessions are planned and run from 11.00am until 2.00pm each date. Please be prepared to wait if the mechanics are busy.

Dr Bike Sessions - 11am - 2pm 

Queens Square
Monday 13 November, 2023
Monday 4 December, 2023
Monday 8 January, 2024
Monday 5 February, 2024
Monday 4 March, 2024
Bilston near the market on the Boulevard
Saturday 4 November, 2023

Cycle training

Community clubs offer informal cycle training and organized rides.

Find a community club

Cycle Forum

The Council holds a Forum every three months to discuss cycling issues in the City. Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign keeps details of past and future meetings.

Forum details

Contact Us for more information about the Cycle Forum.

Journey times across city by bike or foot

Journey times across city by bike or foot

A pdf version of this map is available in the Downloads section.