Report a pothole on a Wolverhampton road or pavement.

Regular maintenance and repairs are crucial for keeping roads safe and smooth for everyone.

We are responsible for the repair of potholes on highway owned roads, pavements, and footways. We are not responsible for the repairs on private roads, or the maintenance of private roads.

What is a pothole?

Potholes form when water seeps into cracks in the road surface, then freezes and expands, causing the road surface to break apart. As vehicles continue to drive over the weakened area, it deteriorates further, forming a pothole.

Pothole repair

We have rules to decide which potholes to fix first. We look at how big, deep, and where the hole is to make sure we fix the most urgent first.

Report a pothole

You can report a pothole if:

  • Roads: the pothole is as deep as 50mm or more (length of an AA battery).
  • Pavements: the pothole is as deep as 25mm or more.

Please only report if you feel the pothole is a 50mm depth or more in the carriageway or 25mm or more in the footway, as potholes that do not meet this criteria intervention level will not be actioned.

If the pothole is big enough, you can report it using our Love Clean Streets app.

Report a pothole