The Council manages many of the local highway bridges and structures. If you see any problems with these or require work near a bridge, please let us know.

Council bridges and structures

As the highway’s authority, the Council owns and manages the following bridges and structures:

  • 58 major bridges
  • 17 footbridges
  • 21 subways
  • 19 culverts
  • 25 retaining walls

There are some structures owned by private organisations. If we receive an issue about one of these, we will pass it onto the relevant company.

Planned inspections

The Council carries out inspections on all highway structures.

  • Every 2 years we carry out a ‘general inspection’ of our structures.
  • Every 6 years we carry out a more detailed close inspection (known as a ‘principal inspection’)
  • In 2018/19 we carried out 53 general inspections and 33 principal inspections.

This work makes sure that our bridges remain in good order and are safe for people and vehicles to cross.

Report a damaged structure

Please use our online form to let us know of any bridges or structures that are damaged

Report damage online

Weight restriction

Vehicles over a specified weight can't enter an area that has a Weight Restriction Order. The only exception is where they are delivering or collecting within the weight restriction.

The Police and Trading Standards can enforce weight restriction orders under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. We make routine inspections to make sure that vehicles are not breaking these orders.

Weight restriction orders:

  • Protect old or weak bridges and structures
  • Bar heavy vehicles from areas unsuitable for their size
  • Bar heavy vehicles from areas if they pose a danger

Reports a vehicle weight breach online

Private Works on or next to a bridge

We are the Technical Approval Authority for any work on bridges, retaining walls or subways.

Let us know about:

  • any work within 3.66 metres of a bridge or structure
  • any road resurfacing works near a bridge or highway structure.

It is important you contact us so that we can provide you with technical assistance to avoid damaging a structure.

Tell us about works