Wolverhampton commits to engaging and empowering its citizens. We provide details of funding and help for community projects and initiatives. We also have details of facilities and resources for the people of Wolverhampton. This includes the location of Changing Places Disabled Toilets and Public Toilets.
Wolverhampton for Everyone

Wolverhampton for Everyone believes that our city will be more vibrant and inclusive if it is powered by the people who live and work here. We also believe that people are happier and more resilient and make more meaningful connections when they have agency over things that affect their lives. Our vision is of a city where everyone feels able to contribute to and participate in creating the city they want to live and work in. We want to ‘connect people, places and communities to unlock potential and create positive change’. Our ambition is to develop a ‘People Powered City’ by working as a platform, which means that we are not a project and don’t provide services for people. We enable and invite people to co-create activities and projects, in collaboration with others, that help to make their lives better and to contribute positively to the lives of people in Wolverhampton. Through this approach, we will create the conditions that make it easier for people in Wolverhampton to create, share, make, do and learn things together. The invitation is open to everyone.

To find out more about Wolverhampton for Everyone, please visit our website, Facebook  page or Twitter feed .