Location of allotments in Wolverhampton

Allotment locations in Wolverhampton

Allotment location key

  1. Primrose Avenue Allotments
  2. Sandy Lane, Bushbury Allotments
  3. Ruskin Road Allotments
  4. Phillips Avenue Allotments
  5. Stanley Close Allotments
  6. Kitchen Lane Allotments
  7. Whiston Avenue Allotments
  8. Lichwood Road Allotments
  9. Amos Lane Allotments
  10. North Avenue Allotments
  11. Heath Town Allotments
  12. Howell Road Allotments (Self-managed)
  13. Princess Anne Road Allotments
  14. Falcon Crescent Allotments
  15. Himley Crescent Allotments (Self-managed)
  16. Mount Road Allotments (Self-managed)
  1. Penn Road Allotments (Self-managed)
  2. Oxbarn Avenue Allotments (Self-managed)
  3. Windsor Avenue Allotments
  4. Boundary Way Allotments (Self-managed)
  5. Compton Road Allotments
  6. Boots Land Allotments
  7. Nursery Walk Allotments (Self-managed)
  8. Redhouse Road Allotments (Self-managed)
  9. Dunstall Park Allotments (Self-managed)
  10. Crowther Road Allotments (Self-managed)
  11. Sandy Lane, Tettenhall Allotments (Self-managed)
  12. Blakeley Green Allotments
  13. Renton Road Allotments
  14. Harrowby Road Allotments
  15. The Droveway Allotments (Self-managed)

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For more information or to apply for an allotment, please complete our allotment form providing as much information as you can to enable us to respond as quickly as possible.

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There are 1,100 plots for rent on 31 sites located around Wolverhampton.  

We encourage the self-management of all allotment sites. Twelve allotment sites are self-managed by allotment holders with a site committee who set rental costs. 

We aim to retain all well-used allotment sites and to improve all other sites.

Easily accessible allotments

Thanks to funding from All Saints and Blakenhall Community Development (ABCD), eight new plots with raised beds have been built at the allotments on Howell Road, off Pond Lane, Blakenhall.

The plots are Wolverhampton's first purpose-built and specially designed for gardeners with a disability.  Other facilities include a disabled toilet and shelter.

Anyone with a disability or limited mobility who is interested, please use our allotment form.


  • £55 per year for Wolverhampton residents (£35 half plot)
  • £60 per year for those living outside of Wolverhampton  (£39 half plot) 


There are many benefits to renting an allotment:

  • growing fresh fruit and vegetables, free from artificial additives
  • home grown, fresh flowers at a fraction of the high street cost
  • healthy outdoor activity
  • a place to relax and unwind
  • meeting new friends
  • on site gardening shop at some allotments
  • low cost rental

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