There are 1,100 plots for rent on 31 sites located around Wolverhampton.  

We encourage the self-management of our allotment sites. Twelve allotment sites are self-managed by allotment holders with a site committee who set rental costs. 

We aim to retain all well-used allotment sites and to improve all other sites.


  • £57 per year for Wolverhampton residents (£36 half plot)
  • £62 per year for those living outside of Wolverhampton (£40 half plot)


There are many benefits to renting an allotment:

  • growing fresh fruit and vegetables, free from artificial additives
  • home grown, fresh flowers at a fraction of the high street cost
  • healthy outdoor activity
  • a place to relax and unwind
  • meeting new friends
  • on site gardening shop at some allotments
  • low cost rental

Further information

Apply for an allotment

A lot of our allotment sites are at full capacity.  Waiting lists are maintained even for sites that are full, as this helps us to establish need.

Plots are allocated based on the following criteria:

  1. those that live in closest proximity to the site
  2. waiting the longest time

We do accept tenants from outside of the Borough, but you will need to be prepared for a lengthy wait. It is always worth checking out your own local council for allotment sites.

To apply for an allotment, fully complete the online application form. We are not able to provide an update on waiting times, but you will be notified when you have reached the qualifying criteria.

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Update your details

Please complete all fields to update the information held for you e.g., new address, contact number, email, change of name, etc.

Allotments Confirmation of Details

Want to terminate your tenancy?

Please complete the online Allotment Termination Form, ensuring you notify your Site Secretary, and return your site key.

Allotment Termination Form

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For more information or other queries, please contact us

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