Thinking of volunteering? Then why not become a Parent Champion.
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We welcome volunteers from all sections of the local community. We recruit local parents and community members to become volunteers who work across Wolverhampton promoting local services in Strengthening Family Hubs.

As a Volunteer Parent Champion you will:

  • Talk and advise parents about childcare and free early education
  • Inform parents of forthcoming events
  • Support parents to use local services
What we do

Parent Champions are local men and women aged 18 or over who talk to local people about their experiences of being a parent and using services.


  • work to build confidence and trust amongst local parents
  • offer support by talking and listening to local parents
  • inform local parents about childcare opportunities in their area
  • encourage parents to register with Strengthening Family Hubs and to become active users of the services there
  • encourage parents to access other services in the city
  • offer 1:1 support to local families who may need that extra bit of help
How volunteers are chosen

They do not need any experience to do this role, all we ask is that they enjoy interacting with people and that they can commit a minimum of 2 hours per week

How can being a Volunteer Parent Champion benefit you?

It can:

  • Further your training and employment prospects
  • Make a change in your career path
  • Build your confidence, experience and knowledge
  • Make a difference in your local community
  • You’ll receive training and day to day support
Training and support

Once the necessary checks have been completed and you are accepted as a volunteer you will be given:

  • regular support - one to one and as a group
  • 6-week induction
  • relevant training to suit your needs
  • expenses e.g, travel costs
  • support to actively find work

If you feel this is something that you would like to get involved in, then fill in your details below and we will be in touch soon.

Case Studies
Emma’s Journey

In 2013 Emma began visiting Whitmore Reans Children Centre, she had just become a new mother to her first child and experienced some very hard challenges at home, this is where she first comes into contact with various staff at the children’s centre who helped and guided her back onto the right track including accessing training and education in the centre.

Due to circumstances Emma had to move to Wednesfield with her young daughter and began to access the services at Children’s Village. During this time and after many challenges she attended and completed the Freedom Programme.

After the storm had passed and life began to settle down Emma began to gain confidence and decided to volunteer on the Freedom Programme as a helper to support other women who had experienced domestic abuse.

Emma thoroughly enjoyed this role so much she was asked to consider volunteering as a Parent Champion and she jumped at the chance. The Parent Champion project gave her the confidence to use new skills, knowledge and experiences to look at different avenues of work. On the 18th of March 2016, Emma was invited to give a speech at the Mayors Parlour on the Parent Champion Project and also on the work of children’s centres in Wolverhampton.

With all the support and guidance she has received from the Parent Champion project Emma decided to look for work and started working towards securing a job with children and families. Emma has a fire inside her to achieve, so after numerous discussions with the Parent Champion Co-ordinator Emma was supported into applying for one of the Strengthening Families Worker jobs. On the 15th of July 2016, she was successful at interview and was appointed into this full-time role.

Emma, “The harder the struggle the more glorious the triumph !”

Caroline’s Story

With six children of her own, Caroline was keen to help other families get information on childcare and other local services as she was a service user of the local children centre.

Caroline was heavy pregnant whilst she volunteered at the Bingley Centre and soon found the confidence to volunteer as a Parent Champion. She found the Parent Champion training to be really helpful in gaining basic skills and information to approach parents. She also found it really useful for setting boundaries, as sometimes parents had very difficult personal problems and circumstances, but she soon learned that her role was not to try to immediately help them with everything, but refer them to the local Family Information Service as and when necessary. She chats to parents where they meet up for activities, for instance at Stay-and-Play at Bingley Children Centre and in particular in the Freedom Programme.

Caroline finds that most families know nothing about the two-year-old free childcare offer; so she explains what other general support they may be able to get and always has relevant leaflets to hand out. Caroline found that government information on the free places can sometimes be complicated - so when she was unsure of the exact criteria for an individual parent, she makes sure she refers people to the local Family Information Service or children centre.

Caroline was keen to gain employment as she had a thirst to learn and develop and be a good role model to her children, so during her pregnancy she decided to apply for a part-time Strengthening Worker Post which she successfully gained in July this year.

Caroline really enjoys her work as a Parent Champion, and even though she will have to stop for a few months to care for her newborn baby girl and prepare to start her new paid role, she still wants to carry on supporting other parents whilst being a Volunteer Parent Champion.

Caroline knows the skills and experience she has picked up as a Parent Champion will be really useful in her new job of supporting local communities to thrive. The tables have finally turned and she looks forward to helping families turn their life around, just like she has.

Register your interest

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Or contact Reeta Shemar on 07464 981 888 or E-mail

Family engagement sessions

Sessions are free to attend, run term time only and all families are welcome.

Eastfield (WV1 2QY)

  • Tuesday
    • Stay & Play, 9.30 - 11am
    • Stay & Play, 1pm - 2.30pm
  • Thursday
    • Care Leavers Stay & Play at The Oasis Hub (Willenhal Road) 10am - 11.30am

Bilston - Art Gallery (WV14 7LU)

  • Thursday
    • Bilston Boddlers Craft Stay & Play, 1pm - 2.30pm
  • Friday
    • Bilston Butterflies Stay & Play, 12.30pm - 2pm

Graiseley (WV2 4NE)

  • Monday
    • Stay & Play, 10am - 11.30am
  • Wednesday
    • Stay & Play at Graiseley Primary School, 12.30pm - 2pm
    • Baby Zumba, 1pm – 2pm

Bingley (WV3 0JE)

  • Monday
    • Bingley Bears Stay & Play, 12.30pm - 2pm
  • Thursday
    • School Readiness group for children 2yrs+, 1pm - 2.30pm

Whitmore Reans (WV1 4AL)

  • Tuesday
    • Stay & Play, 1pm - 2.30pm
  • Wednesday
    • Aspiring Futures Women support group (children welcome), 12pm - 1.30pm

Dove (WV8 1TX)

  • Monday
    • Little Doves Stay & Play, 10am - 11.30am

Low Hill (WV10 9LZ)

  • Monday
    • Stay & Play, 9.30am - 11am
  • Friday
    • Stay & Play, 9.30am - 11am
    • Baby Bop Stay & Play with a singing & interactive session for babies from birth to 12 months, 1pm - 2.30pm(Starting on 23.02.2024)

Children’s Village (WV11 1PE)

  • Thursday
    • Stay & Play, 10am - 11.30am, book via Eventbrite
    • Baby Bop Stay & Play with a singing & interactive session for babies from birth to 12 months, 1pm - 2.30pm
  • Friday

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