Discounts, exemptions or people on a low income

Care Leavers Discount

Young people who were in the care of any council in the UK can qualify for a council tax exemption between the ages of 18 and 24.

To qualify for an exemption the young person must:

  • Pay council tax to City of Wolverhampton Council
  • Be aged over 18 but under 25
  • Be a care leaver. This includes those who received care outside the city but who live in Wolverhampton
  • If you received care from City of Wolverhampton Council, you do not need to apply for this exemption. You will receive it automatically as we can check existing records
  • If you received care from a council other than City of Wolverhampton, you need to make an application and provide evidence to show that you are a care leaver.

To apply for an exemption, please contact us on 01902 551166.

If one of the above discounts or exemptions could assist you then you should consider applying for the appropriate one first.  If they don’t or you require further help then you could apply for a Council Tax Discretionary Discount.

Council Tax Discretionary Discount

We have a Discretionary Discount Policy (available in the Downloads section on this page) where we may reduce your council tax bill in certain circumstances.

Apply for a Council Tax Discretionary Discount