You may qualify for a reduction in your council tax if you or any member of your household is disabled.

However, your home must contain one or more of the following features:

  • a room set aside mainly to provide facilities due to their disability, this does not include:
    • a bathroom
    • a kitchen
    • a toilet
    • a downstairs bedroom used by the disabled person
  • a second bathroom or kitchen installed in the property for their use
  • the disabled person uses their wheelchair indoors

If you qualify for a reduction, the amount of Council Tax payable will be based on the band below that which your property is in. For example, if your property is in Band C, you will be charged as if you were in Band B. If your property is in Band A, the Council Tax will be reduced by one-sixth.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you if we need you to provide any evidence to support your application. You could be asked to provide photographs to help us determine your application. In addition to any supporting evidence requested, we may still need to visit your property to either determine your initial application or at a date in the future to ensure that the criteria for a reduction is being still met.

Apply for Disabled Person council tax reduction