The Council Tax Support (CTS) scheme can reduce the amount of Council Tax that low-income households have to pay to the council. City of Wolverhampton Council residents can apply for Council Tax Support to help reduce the amount they have to pay in Council Tax.

People who have reached state pension age

If you are a pensioner, you can apply for Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate (SAR) as a way of reducing the amount of Council tax you have to pay.

What is a Second Adult Rebate?

Second Adult Rebate (SAR), can reduce your Council Tax if you are the only person in your home liable to pay council tax but have another adult living with you who:

  • is over 18
  • is not your partner
  • is not jointly liable for the Council Tax
  • does not pay rent to you
  • is on a low income/certain benefits

Council Tax Support is based on your income and capital whereas Second Adult Rebate is based on the income (not capital) of the adult living with you. This means you may be entitled to SAR even if you aren't entitled to Council Tax Support. If you are entitled to both, you will be awarded the higher of the two. If you are entitled to SAR, and it is higher than any Council Tax Support you are entitled to, you will receive up to 25% off your Council Tax bill. The actual reduction will depend on the income of the second adult living with you.

You can check your entitlement by using the benefits calculator before making a claim.

Calculate your entitlement

Make a claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council tax Support

Make a claim

Further information about what you may be entitled to if awarded Council Tax Support

The amount of support will be restricted to 78% of liability before the deduction of other discounts. 

The following groups of people will be protected from this reduction and will remain able to claim up to a maximum of 88% of liability before the deduction of other discounts. 

  1. You or your partner are severely disabled and receive the Higher Rate Care Component of Disability Living Allowance or the Enhanced Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payment;
  2. You are responsible for a severely disabled child who qualifies for the Enhanced Disability Premium;
  3. You are single without dependent children and aged under 25.  

For more details about Council Tax Support please view the scheme in the Downloads section on this page.