All the information you'll need to know about our General Waste and Recycling service. Read through our FAQs to make sure we collect your waste.

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Bin collection arrangements – Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Please be aware that there will be no bin collections on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Waste collections due on Christmas Day (25 December) will be collected on 23 December.
Waste collections due on Boxing Day (26 December) will be collected over 27, 28 and 29 December.

Bins will be emptied as soon as we can. Please leave your bins presented from 6.30am until they have been collected.

Using the Service

How will I know which bin to put out each week?

You will have a guide with a calendar that shows which bin to put out each week.

Can I have two bins

No. You need to choose either your smaller brown bin or larger green bin for general waste - based on your household needs.

I am physically unable to put out my bin, can I get help?

Yes, you can apply for an assisted collection. To apply for an assisted collection please fill in our Assisted Bin Collection form

What is an assisted collection?

For residents who have difficulty moving their bins, we may be able to arrange for the crew to collect and return your bins from your property. Please note, if you have someone aged 16 or over living at the property and is physically able, you won't be eligible for this service.

How do I get an assisted collection?

To apply for an assisted collection please fill in our Assisted Bin Collection form

What happens if someone else puts general waste in my bin?

Unfortunately, we can't stop people doing this, but providing the bin lid is closed and the rubbish is not left at the side of the bin we will collect it. This can be avoided by keeping your bin on your property and not putting it at the kerbside too early on collection day.

Can I still put dog poo, used nappies or sanitary waste into the general waste bin?

Yes, but please make sure you double bag this kind of waste to prevent odours.

I'm worried the rubbish I put in my General Waste bin (e.g. nappies/incontinence pads/pet waste) will cause my bin to smell?

To minimise any smells from your rubbish, please make sure you double-bag any waste. Your bin should not have loose items such as nappies, incontinence pads or pet waste. If you're still concerned about smells, you can buy bin deodorisers from DIY stores and supermarkets.


What can I put in my bins?

Here is a list of what can be disposed of in each bin.

Do you collect extra general waste that's left by the bin?

No. But, you can always take any extra general waste to the tip (household waste recycling centres). If you have larger bulky items, you can either take them to the tip for free or contact us to arrange a bulky waste collection. For more information go to our bulky household items web page

What happens if my bin is full before collection day?

We can only empty your bin on your collection day and we are not able to collect any additional waste left by your bin. Make sure you recycle or compost as much of your general waste as possible. Plus, you can always take additional general waste to the tip.

What happens if my bin isn't collected?

If for some reason we've missed your collection, please use our missed bin collection form to let us know immediately.

What happens if I forget to put my bin out?

Unfortunately, if you forget to put your bin out we will not be able to collect it until your next collection date.

What happens if I forget to put out my bin before I go on holiday?

If you're on holiday, ask a family member, friend or neighbour if they can put your bin out for you. We can only collect your bin if it's out in the correct place. If not, we can only collect your bin on your next collection date.

Can I have a clinical waste collection?

To discuss a clinical waste collection, please speak to your healthcare provider.

Collection of Controlled Waste

Collection of Controlled Waste is an area covered under the law - Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The law tells us what we as a council must do, and what you as a resident must do. As a council we have a statutory duty to collect your household waste. Part of this duty means setting standards for residents, so you understand how waste should be stored, and how bins should be put out for collection.

About my bin

I fill my brown bin every week can I get a bigger bin for the new service?

Yes.  You have a choice about the size of bin you use for your general waste. Pick the bin that suits your needs most from your current brown 140L general bin or your larger current garden waste bin (green 240L). If you don't have a green garden waste bin and would like a larger bin, please fill out our Request a new bin form.

I have chosen the bin I want to use for my fortnightly collection, what can I do with my other bin?

There are several things you can do. You can keep it and reuse e.g. use it for home composting or as a water butt. Or if you're sure you don't want to keep it we can collect it, to arrange this, please fill out our Collect my spare bin form.

When will my spare bin be collected?

We are in the process of collecting spare bins. Please leave your spare bin in a place where we can easily access it. Bin crew cannot get to spare bins that are behind locked gates, so please put your bin where the bin crew can easily collect them.

If you want us to collect your spare bin let us know.

If I have a new bigger bin will I have to pay for it?

You will not have to pay for a new bin, all bins are the property of the council. Most residents already have a bigger bin they can start using straight away.

Will I have to pay for my bin to be taken away?

No. The collection of a bin is not a service we will charge for.

What if the smell of my bin attracts rats or pests because of the longer collection period?

Waste that's bagged, tied securely, and with the bin lid shut, should not attract rats or pests. Please make sure food and pet waste is double bagged before it is put in the General Waste bin. You can also dispose of most food waste by composting it.

Other questions

I pay my council tax, why am I not entitled to a weekly collection service?

By law councils must collect resident's waste, but it doesn't state how often. Lots of councils have moved to fortnightly or collections every 3 weeks.

Where can I find more details about reducing my waste and recycling?

Tips for reducing the amount of waste your household generates can be found here:

The 'Love Food Hate Waste' campaign also gives lots of useful information about minimising food waste including portion planning and recipes for leftovers.

Other useful websites:

Will the new bin changes affect my collection of domestic clinical waste?

No. If you currently have a special collection of domestic clinical waste this will not change.

I run a business from home, what do I do with this waste?

You must keep waste generated from your business separate from your household waste. We can also provide you with a business waste collection service. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

Find out more information here about your responsibilities for commercial or business waste.