On Thursday 4 August, 2022, Wolverhampton will proudly host the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Cycling Time Trial. The race will start and finish at our spectacular West Park.

Commonwealth Games
Due to the Commonwealth Games Time Trial on Thursday 4 August there will be some changes in the city.
For information about bin collections, road closures, travel and details about parking please visit Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The route

To view the route of the Time Trial you can either see the map below, view in the 'Downloads' section or watch the video below.

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A quick overview

This energy-sapping event pits riders against each other in a race that they cycle alone. With breakneck speed valued above everything else, prepare to be amazed by this fast-paced spectacle. 

The time trial is a race between cyclists who compete only against themselves – and the clock. 

Each rider sets off at minute intervals, enabling them to focus only on achieving the fastest time possible without jostling other competitors for position.

The route will be made up of a 37.4km circuit for men, and a 28.8km circuit for women. Each rider is timed individually, with the fastest rider securing the all-important place on the top step of the podium. 

It’s an event that always proves to be one of the most popular at the Games, transforming regular roads into an arena for elite sport and bringing the excitement of a major sporting event to people’s doorsteps. 

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances:

The time trial is one of the mandatory ‘Core’ sports on the Commonwealth Games programme, with its first appearance coming in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. 


Wolverhampton’s West Park will be the beginning and end of the Time Trial circuit. 

Fun Facts

The time trial’s status as a race that the rider contests alone has earned it the monicker ‘ The Race of Truth’. 

What is it and who takes part
What is the cycling Time Trial? 

Cyclists (approx. 60 men and 30 women) representing the different nations and territories from across the Commonwealth will take part in the event. 
Each rider sets off at minute intervals, and they focus on achieving the fastest time possible without having to ride alongside other cyclists. Each rider is timed individually, with the fastest rider winning the gold medal. 
It’s an event that always proves to be one of the most popular at the Games, transforming regular roads into an arena for elite sport and bringing the excitement of a major sporting event to people’s doorsteps.  

When is it being held?

The cycling time trial is a one day event that will be held on Thursday 4 August 2022, with the action due to take place from until 10:00 – 16:00.

How far is the cycling Time Trial?

The route will be made up of a 37km circuit for men, and a 29km circuit for women.  You can view the route map in the download section. 
This map provides the full course details. There will also be an impact on some surrounding and adjacent roads, as road closures and traffic measures will be introduced to keep the cyclists, the people working on and supporting the time trial, and the public safe.

How long will the cycling time trial last? Do the men and women cycle at the same time? 

The time trial is expected to start at approximately 10am and finish at approximately 4pm. 
However, to keep everyone safe, temporary traffic management measures, road closures and parking restrictions will be in place for longer. Full details about these measures and the timings for them will be available in Spring 2022, to allow everyone to plan for this one day event.

Can members of the public take part in the cycling time trial?

No. The time trial is not a public event. It is an elite cycling time trial which is just for those men and women representing the nations and territories competing at the Commonwealth Games. But the public can come and cheer on these amazing athletes and be part of the event. 

Where it is taking place - the course
Where will the cycling time trial start and finish? 

The official course for the Time Trial was announced on 27 October and it will start and finish at West Park in Wolverhampton. 

What is the course for the cycling time trial? 

The full route is included below. It starts in Wolverhampton, Dudley and goes into Staffordshire. 

Men’s Route 

  • Leaving West Park and heading onto Park Road East, the course navigates through Wolverhampton City, passing the Wolverhampton City Council offices, St Peters Church, Queen Square and the Church of St John in the Square, before heading south onto the Penn Road (A449).  
  • The course leaves the Penn Road (A449) at Goldthorn Hill and then heads directly to Sedgley on the Wolverhampton Road (A459).  
  • Once in Sedgley, the course takes a left onto the Tipton Road (A457) and then onto the Birmingham New Road (A4123) and Priory Road (A4168), passing Priory Park and into Dudley Town Centre.  
  • Within Dudley Town Centre, the course passes close to Dudley Castle and Dudley Zoo, before heading past Coronation Gardens, the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council building, Dudley Town Hall and Stone Street Square. 
  • Leaving Dudley, the course heads back towards Sedgley on The Broadway (A459), with a challenging detour on Moden Hill and Catholic Lane, the biggest climb on the course, combined with a challenging downhill section.  
  • The cyclists will then follow Gospel End Street and Cotwall End Road down towards Gornalwood, before turning onto the Himley Road and into South Staffordshire, passing Himley Hall on route to Himley and Wombourne 
  • The final section of the course takes in the Stourbridge Road (A449) towards Gospel End and Woodhouse Lane, across Penn Common before re-joining the Penn Road (A449) shortly after 5km to go. From here, it’s a straight run along the Penn Road, before a final challenging section in Wolverhampton city centre passing Market Square, before finishing in West Park.  

Women’s Route 

  • The women’s route is shorter than the men’s route, so it does not take in, Gornalwood and Himley.  
  • Instead, it deviates from the men’s route and the women will cycle along  Gospel End Road, before taking in the final section across Penn Common, before re-joining the Penn Road (A449) shortly after 5km to go.  
  • From here, it’s a straight run along the Penn Road before a final challenging section in Wolverhampton city centre, before finishing in West Park. 
How has this course been decided? 

The course and associated road closures are planned through a partnership which includes Birmingham 2022, Wolverhampton Council, Dudley Council, Staffordshire County Council, South Staffordshire District Council, The Black Country Consortium, Emergency Services, and other key agencies and organisations. They have worked together to deliver a course that meets the requirements of the sport and showcases the local area it passes through, whilst also minimising the impact for local residents, businesses and other organisations. 
Local authorities that know the roads and the area well have provided detailed information to help with planning, and the course has gone through the formal Safety Advisory Group (SAG) process, before receiving full approval from all partners and stakeholders. 

Watching the Time Trial
Is it possible to watch the time trial?

Yes, other than the start / finish venue, spectators will be able to line the route and support the cyclists. Find a space anywhere along the route and cheer the riders on as they bid for glory. No tickets required.

Anyone who couldn’t get tickets to the event can watch all the action for free at the Wolverhampton Festival Site, on Thursday 4 August, at Old Market Square from 9:30am – 6pm.

Do I need a ticket to watch the time trial? 

You only need a ticket if you want to watch the start or finish of the Time Trial in West Park in Wolverhampton.

Outside of this, it will be completely free for spectators to watch the Time Trial. 

How do I buy a ticket for the Time Trial?

Tickets for the time trial were available in the two ticket ballots which were held in July and September 2021. If there are still tickets available after the September ballot, they will go on general sale later in 2021 – keep an eye on birmingham2022.com and social media accounts for more details. You can find out how to set up your ticketing account at: birmingham2022.com/tickets 

More information

If you have any further questions about the route and day of the race, please contact Customer Services.