You can use the Safety Advisory Group to notify the council if you are planning an outdoor event.

Do I have to give notice of events to SAG?

It isn't a legal requirement if your event is on private land, unless it is a condition of your premises licence . However, if you don't notify the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), we cannot support your event and this may invalidate your public liability insurance.

Events on council land require SAG’s consideration.

How much notice is required?

For the council to offer support, you should give at least 2 months’ notice.

For events attracting over 1,000 people, 3 months’ notice is required.

You must ensure that you apply for any temporary traffic regulation orders (e.g. road closures) at least 6 weeks prior to your event.

Applying to SAG

If you’re planning a public event for over 30 people on council land, including parks or green space, please complete the Event Organisers Questionnaire in the ‘Downloads’ section.

For events with over 100 attendees, you must complete the Event Management Plan in the ‘Downloads’ section.

All events require a risk assessment. This must include coronavirus related hazards. A template is included in the ‘Downloads’ section.

Submit the documents to


There are no fees for submitting an event questionnaire to the Safety Advisory Group, nor for the advice and recommendations provided. However, if your event is in a a park or green space owned by the Council, you will be contacted after submitting the Event Organisers Questionnaire to pay a fee, if permission is granted.