We manage the health of council trees along our highways and in parks and public open spaces with regular scheduled inspections, also taking in to account other broader concerns, such as ecological, landscape and aesthetic value.

The council does this by:

  • zoning: appreciating tree stock in relation to people/frequency of use or property
  • tree inspection: assessing tree defects
  • managing risk at an acceptable level: identifying, prioritising and undertaking safety work according to level of risk

View our Tree and Woodland Strategy.

If a tree is on private land, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain it and adhere to any Tree Preservation Orders that may be in place.

View our interactive tree inspection map, real-time information on tree locations and inspections.

The Councils inspection programme has included all 258,295 trees that fall under the direct care of City of Wolverhampton Council covering a diverse range of species that are located in streets, near public buildings, in cemeteries and at various parks and open spaces throughout the city.