Every year the trees will shed their blossom, fruit, cones and leaves. However, trees also sway in the wind and may shed twigs and small branches when the wind is particularly strong.

There is very little the council can do about this as it is a natural process and not recognised as a 'legal nuisance'. 

We are able to assist however if the tree is causing damage to property or looks like it may fall over or has in fact fallen in high winds please contact us.

What we do

During the autumn we clear up leaves from the footpaths and roads, public parks and playgrounds, grass verges and council-owned car parks. When fallen leaves build up they can make the going tough for pedestrians and drivers. They're particularly a problem when they are wet and slippery or block street gullies preventing them from draining away rainwater properly.

Unfortunately, we can't remove fallen leaves from private property, whether it's an office or a factory or someone's garden. We have to stick to this rule even when the leaves falling on to the property drop from trees on a public footpath.

How you can help

Please don't sweep leaves from your property out into the street - put them in your green wheelie bin instead.

If you find a large build up of leaves in a public space, let us know. We can usually clean them up within five working days - but if they're causing a hazard, we'll tackle them straight away