​If your child is having difficulty getting to school, he or she may be entitled to a school bus pass.

Our home to school transport policy, in the downloads section, will give you more information about the circumstances in which we will provide free home to school bus pass.

How do I apply?

Please complete our eligibility checker form below to see if you are likely to be entitled to support. If you are eligible you will then be given a link to the full application.

Complete all relevant sections and attach all supporting documents we have asked for. These will include proof of address & and proof on benefits if you receive them. Please have these documents ready before using the full application. 

Your application will be delayed if you don't supply the right documents. We cannot accept photographs of documents, all documents supplied need to be scanned.

For students over 16

Please read our Transport policy statement for learners aged 16-19 in further education, in the downloads section, for more information. 

Students should also speak to their schools/colleges about the availability of the 16-19 bursary funds.

Eligibility Checker

Eligibility Checker

Are you in receipt of Maximum Working Tax Credit or is your child eligible for Free School Meals?
Is your child aged between 5 and 16?
How old is your child?
Do you live over 2 miles from school?
Thank you for checking the eligibility of your child. Due to the information you have provided, you may be eligible for home to school travel assistance subject to further checks.
However, if you know that there are 3 schools closer to your home with available places that your child could attend instead of their current school, then your child will not be eligible.
Please submit further details to help us assess your case and you will be informed of the decision via post. 

School Bus Pass Application

Thank you for checking the eligibility of your child. Due to the information you have provided, we regret to inform you that under the criteria in the current Travel Policy we are unable to provide travel assistance for your child to attend this school.
If you have any additional circumstances to be taken into account, you may inform us of these by submitting an application, ensuring you state the additional circumstances clearly when asked.
Example reasons that won’t overturn the decision are:
  • Based on your financial situation
  • If you have chosen for your child to attend a school further away out of personal preference
Do you live over 3 miles from school?