Complaints are a way for you to have your say and to help us improve our service delivery. Here is some information about why it is important and how you submit a complaint.

We try to offer quality services to all of our customers at all times. However, we realise that this sometimes goes wrong; when it does, we really appreciate your feedback as this gives us the opportunity to try and put things right and improve. 

The Council treats all complaints seriously and our procedure is a way for you to have your say. The complaints function of the council is managed by the Information Governance and Customer Liaison Team.

What will we do to put things right?

We will always try to deal with your complaint on the spot. Where this is not possible, we will acknowledge your complaint within 4 calendar days.

We will tell you who is dealing with your complaint, give you their contact details and tell you when you can expect to receive a response. We will send you a final response within 21 calendar days (unless your complaint is complicated).  

When investigating complaints, if it shows that we are at fault, we will look at the most suitable way of putting things right to meet your satisfaction.

What can I do if I am not satisfied?

Someone in the Customer Liaison Team will investigate further how your complaint was handled and whether the final response was justified. 

You can also contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman at any stage of your complaint if you are unhappy with the response you receive from us. The Ombudsman is independent of government. All investigations are private and there is no charge for the service. 

You can contact the LGSCO directly using the methods found on their website.

Policies and procedures

Complaint Policy

Our Complaints Policy details how City of Wolverhampton Council manages and responds to comments, compliments and complaints - this is available in the Downloads section on this page.

Procedure on the management of unreasonable customer behaviour

How City of Wolverhampton Council will decide which customers will be treated as unreasonable or unreasonably persistent, and what we will do in those circumstances is found here in the Unreasonable Customer Behaviour procedure in the Downloads section.

Service standards when making a complaint

You should expect to receive an acknowledgement in 4 calendar days and a response within 21 calendar days from when we received your complaint. 

If your complaint is more complex then more time may be needed to do a thorough investigation. You will be advised if more time is needed and when you can expect to receive a response from us.

Ways to make a complaint

Please note there is a different complaints procedure for the following areas:

Adult Social Care complaints     Children's Social Care complaints

Public Health complaints           Housing Management Complaints

If your complaint isn't regarding one of these services above, then you can submit your complaint in the following ways: 

A complaints form can also be requested from the Customer Liaison Team. It can also be requested in:

  • different languages
  • large print
  • Braille
  • audio
  • another format

More information is also available on our translation and interpreting services page. 

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