Making our services accessible for those with communication requirements

Wolverhampton is a diverse city with a growing population of people from different communities and countries speaking different languages and with communication needs. The main community languages spoken and used in the City of Wolverhampton are Punjabi, Polish, Kurdish, Urdu, Gujarati, Lithuanian, Persian/Farsi, Chinese (expect Mandarin & Cantonese) Shona and Latvian.

DA Languages Ltd is the new single service Provider for the Council for interpretation and translation services including British Sign Language (BSL) to support the Deaf Community.

To ensure that our services are accessible to those with communication requirements the council has produced an Interpretation and Translation guidance document to assist staff in determining, on a case by case bases, when interpretation and or translations should be provided, and the process they have to go through to book one. The council will also ensure that we meet our responsibilities by providing reasonable adjustments when it comes to providing translated documents and publishing them in different formats on request. 

Please ask the staff member from the service you are using for interpreters or translations.

DA Languages

The services provided by DA Languages Ltd, our new supplier, include all of the below:

  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Face to Face Interpretation Services (Verbal)
  • Face to Face Interpretation Services (Non-Verbal)
  • Telephone Interpretation Services
  • Video Interpretation Services (Verbal)
  • Video Interpretation Services (Non-Verbal)
  • Translation, Transcription and Additional Services

The registration and booking process has changed from the previous supplier, please be aware that DA Languages operate on a "No valid purchase order and Valid cost centre - no service", users of the service are required to raise a blanket purchase order number to cover forecasted usage.

If you are a resident

If you need an interpreter or your documents translated to use a council service, you should contact the manager of the service you wish to use. He or she will make arrangements to help you.

If you are a staff member

If you are a staff member you can get a wide range of language services from DA Languages, highlighted above.  

To find out more about our services you can:

Bookings are made directly with DA Languages by emailing  

For a copy of the council's documents on Interpretation, Translation and Transcription, and range of languages spoken in Wolverhampton, see our downloads section