Universal Credit is gradually being rolled out to Wolverhampton. You can still make a claim for Housing benefits.

Before making a claim for Housing Benefits

Before you make a claim for Housing benefits please complete the online calculator which will advise you whether you should apply for Universal Credit instead to help with your housing costs.

Benefits Calculator

Making an application

If you are eligible, you can apply for Housing Benefits or Council Tax Support.

If you are eligible to claim Universal Credit to assist you with housing costs you will still need to make a separate application for Council Tax Support using the same application form.

This Application Form will ask you to upload evidence to support your claim.

We may not need this evidence.

Submit the Application Form and if we need any further information we will contact you.

Apply for Housing Benefits or Council Tax Support

Further Information

You can contact us for further advice.

You may wish to read the Managing Director's Direction in support of the introduction of our online claim form. You can find this in the Downloads section.