Sign-up to the Garden Waste Collection Service for 2024.

The 2024 service runs from 26 February 2024 to 13 December 2024, depending on your collection date. The service costs £38 for the year (£19 concessions).

To get the maximum number of collections for the 2024 service, sign up early. Regardless of when you pay, the service will stop 13 December 2024.

You can sign up to the garden waste service using My Account where you will be able to pay by card or an annual direct debit.

Your My Account will give you the option to ‘Renew’ if you have used the service in the last couple of years, or ‘Sign Up’ if you are new to the service.

If you’re signing up to the garden waste collection service for the first time and need a bin, your bin and permit sticker will be delivered together. If you are renewing or already have a bin, the permit sticker will be sent in the post for you to put on the bin.

Your purple bin will be emptied on the same day as your recycling bin.

Please allow 28 working days for delivery of your garden waste bins and/or permit sticker(s).

Please allow 10 working days for us to process your subscription before it shows on the list of garden bins to empty.

Already got a purple bin?

If you already have a purple bin, sign-up online.

Your garden waste bin sticker(s) will be delivered before the service starts on 26 February 2024.


New customer or need an additional bin

Order a new or additional purple bin

Disposing of Garden Waste

For other ways to dispose of your garden waste go to our Other ways you can dispose of garden waste page.

Helpful information and FAQs

2024 Garden Waste Collection Service

The Service runs from 26 February to 13 December (depending on your collection date). Make sure your sticker is on your bin or we may not empty it.

What happens if I don’t want to renew?

If you choose not to sign-up, we will no longer empty your purple bin(s) and we may remove your bin(s).

Garden Waste: My Account

Use a compatible browser
My Account does not work in Internet Explorer. Use another browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Only One Service
You can only register one garden waste (purple bin) collection service address on your ‘My Account’. Do not try to add another address.

Direct Debits

We offer an annual direct debit option. The cost is the same as if you were to pay online £38 (£19 concession).

With direct debit, you won’t have to worry about logging in online or calling us to renew the service. We will renew your service automatically.

All communications about payment for the garden waste service will be sent to the direct debit billing address given when the direct debit was set up.  Please let us know if the billing address should change by emailing or calling customer services on 01902 551155.

When paying by direct debit, your service starts from the month you sign-up until the service ends in December.


How much does the garden waste service cost?

The 2024 service will remain at £38 per bin. Those eligible for a concession will pay £19. If you decide to sign-up part-way through a year, the cost will still be £38 for the year.

How long does the payment process take once I sign up for the service?

It can take up to 10 working days for your garden waste payment to appear on our system. Until that has happened and it’s gone through our process, you will not receive a collection. To get the most collections for the annual service year, please subscribe early.

Are reduced fees/concessions available?

Yes, there is a concession rate for households who:

  • receive the maximum Council Tax relief
  • are exempt from Council Tax

Those qualifying will only pay £19 for the annual service. We will apply the reduced rate automatically

How can I pay for the garden waste collection service?

You can pay for the garden waste service by credit or debit card for this service. Or you can sign-up by annual direct debit.

How many garden waste bins can I have?

You can order up to 10 garden waste bins. If you're eligible for discounts, it will be at a reduced fee for your first garden waste bin only. You should not throw garden waste in your general rubbish bin or recycling bin.

How will the payment appear on my bank statement?

Your garden waste collection payment would have appeared on your statement as either:

  • WV Active (Central Baths)
  • Wolverhampton CC

Different banks may have different limits on the text field so there may be a slight variation.

Bin stickers

If I had a purple bin last year and sign-up for this year’s service, will I get a new sticker?

Yes. If you’ve signed up for the 2024 service you will get a bin sticker.

What can I do with my garden waste if I don’t have the service?

You can also take extra garden waste to either of our household waste and recycling centres.

You can manage it through home composting.

You should not put garden waste in your general waste bin or recycling bin.


Please allow 28 working days for the delivery of new purple bins.

Using the Service

Will you take extra garden waste that won't fit in my purple bin?

No. Our crews will not collect any garden waste that’s not placed in your purple garden waste bin.

You should present your bin with the lid in the down position. Not in a raised position.

Can I share a garden bin with my neighbour/s?

You can share a garden waste bin with a neighbour/neighbours.

The person who pays the yearly subscription is responsible if the bin:

  • is contaminated
  • is misused
  • needs replacing

Do I have to use the bins provided by the council?

Yes. We will only empty purple bins that are genuine and supplied by us.

If I sign-up for the new service will my assisted collection apply?

Yes. Our crew will collect your garden waste bin in the same way as your other bins.

What is an assisted collection?

This is for residents who have difficulty moving their bins.

We may be able to arrange for the crew to collect and return your bins from your property.

You won't be eligible if you have someone aged 16 or over living at the property who is physically able to move the bins.

How do I get an assisted collection?

To apply for an assisted collection please fill in our Assisted Bin Collection form.


What day is my garden waste bin emptied?

Your purple bins will be emptied on the same day as your recycling bin.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

Here is a list of what can be put in your garden waste bin.

I’ve signed-up to the service, how will I know when my garden waste will be collected?

To find out the date of your collection please visit Bin Collection Dates.

About my bin

Do I own my bin?

No, the council provide and owns the purple bin. It is your responsibility to keep the bin secure.

What if I move to another house in Wolverhampton and have already paid for the garden waste collection?

You can take your bin with you to your new property. Make sure you tell us your new address and request a new sticker through My Account.

How will the council be able to identify my garden waste bin needs collecting?

When you pay for this service, we will issue you with a sticker. The crews will also have a list of current customers. Crews will not collect waste from garden bins without a genuine sticker.

Damaged Purple Bins

What will happen if my garden waste bin is lost, stolen or damaged?

If this happens you must tell us as soon as possible and we will look into the matter.

We may charge you for a replacement purple bin if the council did not cause the loss or damage.

Residents are responsible for the security of their purple bin(s).


Refunds will only be possible:

  • During a 14-day cooling-off period after you sign-up for the service
  • If we find it is not possible for our crew to gain access to empty your garden bin

No other refunds are available.

The council will not give refunds for:

  • People who move to a new house outside of the city
  • People who decide to cancel during the year
  • Contaminated bins or too heavy for the crews to move
  • Situations out of the council's control and no way to remedy them immediately. For example, manufacturing/bin delivery
  • Deceased customers. The service will continue at the same property address
  • Non-collections due to adverse weather conditions or access problems. We will make every effort to return to business as usual and empty your bin where possible
Other questions

What happens to the garden waste once the council collect it?

We take garden waste to a local facility where is it composted for reuse. See our Terms and Conditions for more information

How else can I dispose of garden waste?

If don't want to sign-up for the garden waste collection service, you could try the following:

Other ways you can dispose of garden waste

If you'd prefer not to sign-up to the council's new garden waste collection service, you can manage your garden waste in the following ways for free.

  • You can also take extra garden waste to either of our household waste and recycling centres.

  • Consider home composting - use your cuttings or leaves to help feed your garden organically. If you choose to do this, you can buy composters from here This website also has lots of useful hints and tips as well as offers on composters.