Request a removal of a grit bin or request a grit bin.

Please be advised, if your street is not registered as an adopted highway – you would need to speak to the housing/estate developer to request gritting and/or grit bins.

Grit bins are placed at locations away from gritting routes where localised problems with ice and snow occur, typically at junctions or slopes.

We provide about 140 grit bins throughout the city.

The grit bins are put out in mid-October and are removed in the spring.

Residents are reminded that the gritting salt placed in the grit bins is provided for safety reasons. It is intended for highways use only and therefore should only be spread on roads and pavements. It is not for use on private property, including driveways and footpaths. Residents wishing to grit their own property can purchase gritting salt from all major DIY stores.

Can a grit bin be removed?

Grit bins can sometimes become the focus of vandalism or the meeting point for youths.

If this becomes a significant nuisance, a request for the bin to be removed can be made.

The removal of a grit bin requires the prior agreement of other residents in the area before the bin is withdrawn.

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