Information about using your Blue Badge when parking in the City centre

Use the map below to find the location of our car parks; use the icon in the top left to see a list of all the stations and the top right icon to view in Google Maps.

When parking at any location, make sure:

  • you display your badge and all rules observed. You can also park on double yellow lines provided you are not causing an obstruction.
  • check signage at the roadside or in your chosen location to follow local parking rules.

For more information on using your Blue Badge, read Rights and responsibilities document in the download section.

Using your Blue Badge

With a Blue Badge you can:

  • Park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line only if there are no loading restrictions. The clock on the badge must be set to show your time of arrival
  • Park without time limit at a pay and display parking bay (free of charge), and without a time limit on a designated on-street accessible bay
  • Park on resident parking permit bays without a time limit.

The badge can only be used where the holder is a passenger to or from the parking location.

You can also use your Blue Badge throughout the European Union, although the terms may vary between countries. Check EU Blue Badge rules before you go.

If you move out of Wolverhampton, you can still use the badge until it expires. When your badge needs renewing you should contact the council where you are living.

You should not hold more than one Blue Badge at any given time or share your Blue Badge. Please see Blue Badge Misuse for more information (link)

To find out more you can visit Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England.

On-Street Parking

Blue Badge holders can park in:

  • shared use bays (Resident and Pay and Display),
  • On-Street Pay and Display areas
  • Limited Waiting areas (for the maximum time as displayed on the signage present.)

Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park in:

  • Resident Only bays,
  • Taxi bays,
  • Bus Stops,
  • Loading Bays/Zones
  • Clearways

There is a maximum stay of three hours in any On-Street disabled parking bay.

Off-Street Car Parks

Having a Blue Badge does not entitle the holder to free parking on council car parks.

To reduce the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice, you must adhere to:

  • the maximum stated time for each car park.
  • the parking rules of that parking area.
  • park within the bay markings.

Please note: vehicles will have their details passed to the West Midlands Police and the appropriate issuing Borough if they:

  • cause an obstruction
  • use a badge in a fraudulent manner