People in Wolverhampton are being encouraged to "Stay Safe, Be Kind" during the coronavirus pandemic.

The City of Wolverhampton Council has worked with key city partners to launch a new campaign offering clear and simple advice about how people can help themselves, and how they can support others who may be particularly vulnerable at this time.

A dedicated Stay Safe, Be Kind website has been launched and already has a range of advice and guidance for older people who need to self isolate as a result of the Government's social distancing guidance announced on Monday evening. 

There is also information for people who want to - and are able to - volunteer their time and energy to support others. As part of a coordinated, city wide approach Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council will collect information about potential volunteers and match their skills to those that need it, ensuring that the most vulnerable people receive appropriate help and support, and that both volunteer and recipient are safeguarded. 

The campaign outlines what people can to do "Stay Safe", with advice about the steps people can take to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, what to do if they feel unwell, preparing for a long period at home and keeping themselves safe at home.

To "Be Kind", there are tips about taking care of one's own mental health, connecting and reaching out to neighbours, supporting vulnerable or isolated people, making the most of local online groups and tips about sharing accurate information and advice.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: "We all have a role to play in supporting fellow members of our community wherever we can, but even more some at difficult times such as these.

"Wolverhampton is a caring and resilient city, and we know that people will already be helping their friends and neighbours through this period. The information available through the Stay Safe, Be Kind campaign will help them do this as safely as possible and in a coordinated way.

"People might think that doing something small isn't really going to make a difference - but for the people they help, that couldn't be further from the truth. To them, it really matters."

Councillor Linda Leach, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, said: "Understandably, many people will be feeling anxious or lonely at this time, but by working together across the city in this way we are able to bring about powerful positive action that is helpful for all of us.

"While many older people and other vulnerable groups in the city will have trusted friends and family to help them, we know some will not. 

"It is for this reason that alongside this advice and guidance, which is helpful to everyone, we are also working in partnership with our health and community partners to develop a package of support for the most vulnerable residents in our city which will be targeted at those most in need.

“While it’s important that we do all we can right now to support others during the coronavirus pandemic, we hope the messages of Stay Safe, Be Kind will continue to resonate with people when things get back to normal, which we obviously hope will happen sooner rather than later.”

For more information, please visit the Stay Safe, Be Kind website.

Over the coming days more resources will be added to the webpage as they become available. The content online will be continually reviewed and updated to ensure members of the community have a trusted resource to draw on, particularly as increasing numbers of people in the city are required to self-isolate or become more dependent on others for help.

There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves online at NHS - Coronavirus (COVID-19).  For further information and advice, please also visit Coronavirus advice and information.