To carry out house-to-house collections for charitable purposes you must apply to us for a licence.

What are the conditions of the licence?

  • You must be a fit and proper person
  • You must provide details of the collection date or dates, location and what is being collected (whether money or articles to sell, giveaway or re-use).
  • The collection must be for charitable purposes.
  • Applications must be made at least one calendar month before the first date of collection.

How will my application be determined?

You will be 'subject access checked' by West Midlands Police to ensure that you are a fit and proper person to undertake a house-to-house collection.

Approval for a collection is subject to suitable dates and locations being available.

How much will it cost?

There is currently no charge for a house-to-house collection licence.

How do I apply?


Before you apply, please ensure that you download, read and understand the guidance notes.

Application form

Please download an application form from the downloads section

Completed application forms should be returned to the postal or email address below:

Do I need to provide further information or evidence?

Yes. You must provide a:

  • letter of authorisation from the charity giving permission for you to collect on their behalf
  • leaflet or letter giving details of the aims and works of the charity (new applications only)
  • booklet or leaflet outlining the aims of the organisation (professional fundraisers only).

Contact Us

Please contact our Licensing Team providing as much information as you can to enable us to respond as quickly as possible.

Or write to:

Licensing Services
City of Wolverhampton Council
Civic Centre, St. Peter's Square