What to do if you are having problems paying rent.

What to do if you have problems paying rent

If you have problems paying rent and fall into arrears with your council rent, contact your local housing office immediately. They will provide help and advice which includes:

  • giving confidential help and advice
  • advising you where you may be entitled to help with your rent and other welfare benefits
  • helping you to complete housing benefit claim forms and ensuring that forms and supporting documents are passed on
  • making arrangements with you to clear the arrears
  • helping you if you have difficult debt situations by providing money management advice or referral to specialist debt advice agencies

What will happen if I fall behind with my rent?

We may use the following methods to recover rent arrears:

  • telephoning you, writing to you or calling at your home
  • referring your case to a Priority Management Officer
  • debt recovery agents
  • asking the Department for Work and Pensions to deduct money from your Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance to make payments directly to us
  • legal action which may result in losing your home

Will this have an effect on my council housing choices?

  • if you have rent arrears you will not be allowed to apply to transfer to another council property
  • if you are applying to buy your own home, this will also be reviewed
  • if you leave your council home and owe rent arrears, court costs or recharged repair accounts, you may be put in the lowest priority band for re-housing