Flu can be serious - even fatal - so ensure you get your flu jab.

Flu vaccination, sometimes known as the flu jab, is available every year on the NHS to help protect adults and children at risk of flu and the complications it brings.

Adult vaccines

If you are pregnant, we have released a news article titled Mums-to-be: get free flu vaccine to protect you and your baby that gives more information.

For more information please visit Wolverhampton Information Network (WIN). WIN is a free online localised search directory containing details about support services, helpful information and activities that take place in the city.

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Children vaccines

For more information please visit Bug Busters.

The Bug Busters website has been designed for children, parents and schools to provide education and resources on a wide range of childhood infections, how to prevent infections from spreading and on the importance of vaccinations such as flu, MMR and HPV. Here you can enjoy our amazing videos, downloadable storybooks and find a range of resources.

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