Having a pest infestation in your home or business can be a very distressing experience, here is how our Pest Control service can help.

The following COVID-19 Pest Control working practise will be followed:

  1. That no resident is displaying symptoms, self-isolating, has received a shielding letter or a confirmed case of Covid 19 – where it is suspected as being present the treatment will not take place
  2. Social distancing of 2 metres to be maintained at all time and this may require the operative to work on their own while in the property
  3. For the protection of the operative and resident new disposable nitrile gloves and a dust mask will be worn at all times, while in the property and undertaking the treatment
  4. Dispensation forms and documentation of the treatment undertaken will be completed & signed by the Pest Control Operative and witnessed by the resident.
  5. By allowing treatment to be carried out, the resident has agreed to the terms of the dispensation notice.


The treatments we carry out are safe.

However, it is best to take heed of the following:

  • animals must stay out of treated areas for a least 1 hour
  • do not sit on anything that has been sprayed until it has dried out
  • do not let children play on the carpets until they are dry

Our qualified Pest Control Officers will be able to address all of your concerns when carrying out the treatment.

Pest control on Council land

If you have noticed a pest on council land or in a food premises, please contact our Pest Control team.