Every Local Authority has an ongoing statutory responsibility to have a plan in place to respond to emergencies as part of their existing duty to safeguard and protect the health of our local population.

Local Outbreak Control Plan

The Autumn 2022 Covid-19 Outbreak Control plan sets out our high-level commitments. It focuses on prevention and outbreak management.

The purpose of the revised plan is to make sure we are best placed to:

  • respond to winter pressures
  • any new challenges

All whilst also learning to live with COVID.

The Local Outbreak Control Plan now sits within the Health Protection Forum for oversight and formal approval.

Health Protection Forum

The Health Protection Forum encompass a set of public health activities for the city. The Director of Public Health chairs the forum and feeds into the Health & Wellbeing Together Board.

Topics covered by the forum include:

  • vaccination and screening programs
  • emergency planning
  • infection prevention and control
  • environmental public health/health protection
  • communicable disease