The Government has launched the Homes for Ukraine scheme, encouraging members of the public to offer rooms in their houses to refugees fleeing the fighting in their country.

If you would like to consider being a host as a individual, community, business or organisation and need some guidance please read the information below, or you can also contact

Applying to be a host

Please note you are consenting to contact from local authority and your details being shared with delivery partners.

Documents required

For more information please visit Homes for Ukraine scheme: frequently asked questions.

Checks by Local Council

The council will make contact to visit your home:

  • Check suitability of offer
  • Speak with you as a family to ensure you understand expectations
  • DBS link provided and documentation reviewed
  • Review H&S requirements and evidence
  • Screening against internal Social Care safeguarding systems

Next steps

If all checks successful:

  • The council will notify Home for Ukraine Scheme via the portal
  • You will be contacted to understand arrival date and plans
  • The council will develop a support and welcome plan for guest
  • The council will visit following arrival to conduct safeguarding check
  • The council and colleague from The Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) will visit regularly to support guests
  • You will have a point of contact to communicate any issue or concerns -

If checks are unsuccessful:

  • The council will advise you of the concerns and outcome
  • The council will notify Home for Ukraine Scheme via the portal
  • The council will advise the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) colleagues to enable reallocation
  • The council will withdraw engagement regarding the scheme

Things to consider

  • Have you applied under the correct scheme, or is this family?
  • Can you offer the space in your home for 6 months?
  • Have you discussed this with your family and others in your household?
  • Do you know you can not charge rent or claim income?
  • Is your guest someone you are happy to have in your home or left alone?
  • What do you know about your guest?
  • Are you able to ensure you can be available to welcome your guest?
  • Do you have regular contact with your guest?
  • Do you understand the Local council will need to conduct some thorough checks on you and your household?
  • Have you considered if you fail the checks?
  • Do you have the required documents in place?
  • Do you understand the £350 'thank you' may not be issued immediately
  • Do you feel you have enough information to make an offer?

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