A major emergency is a situation that arises with or without warning and cannot be dealt with under normal circumstances. Examples can include severe flooding, serious fires or chemical incidents.

If you need to report a major emergency or incident please contact us and select other from the drop down.

Emergency Plan

The Resilience Team has developed a number of plans with partner agencies to improve and share joint arrangements for response and recovery. These plans include:

  • Major Incident Response Plan
  • Rest Centre Plan

Community Risk Register

There is a legal duty on responders to undertake risk assessments and maintain them, for more information please view 'Community Risk Register' in the Downloads section.

The register is published on an annual basis, and reviewed twice a year by an operational subgroup of the West Midlands Local Resilience Forum (LRF). The group receives information on risks to the area from Central and Regional Government. This register then provides the basis for prioritising the planning work required for the Wolverhampton area.

The West Midlands Conurbation Resilience Forum (WMCRF) has assessed a range of scenarios for both likelihood and impact.

They are reasonable worst-case scenario assumptions and include:

  • terrorist attacks
  • pandemic diseases
  • civil unrest
  • transport accidents
  • fire and explosion
  • environmental pollution
  • utilities failure
  • severe weather