Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is for people living in private rented housing.

With LHA, everyone in similar situations gets the same amount of benefit, no matter what type of property they live in.

You can check how much LHA you can get before renting a property.

Please note that the Shared Room Rate applies to most single people under 35 years of age whether or not they live in self-contained accommodation. It also applies to single people over the age of 35 and living in shared accommodation.

Wolverhampton Local Housing Allowance Rates from 1 April 2024

Number of rooms



Shared room rate  £73.64 £319.98
1 bedroom £113.92 £495.01
2 bedroom £143.84 £625.02
3 bedroom £172.60 £749.99
4 bedroom £212.88 £925.01

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