These rates apply to private tenancies within Wolverhampton from 1st April 2019.

Number of rooms



Shared room rate  £60 £260
1 bedroom £86.30 £373.97
2 bedroom £104.89 £454.52
3 bedroom £123.90 £536.90
4 bedroom £151.50 £656.50

Bank account information for LHA claimants

Housing Benefit is normally paid by BACS directly into a claimant's bank account. This is the safest and quickest method to receive your benefit. You can then arrange to pay your landlord by Standing Order directly into their account so that you know your rent has been paid.

If you do not have an account we recommend that you open a basic bank account. Accounts are available from all leading banks although they each have different brand names.  These accounts will enable you to receive Housing Benefit and pay your rent.  If you use these accounts to pay your utility bills you may also qualify for a discount from certain gas and electricity companies. 

Most banks will not allow you to borrow money when using a basic account so you should not get into debt.

If your circumstances change in the future and you start work, possession of one of these accounts will also make it easier for you to receive your wages/salaries as most companies pay by BACS and not cash.