General Terms

  • All data provided by the City of Wolverhampton Council is done so in good faith. Data may be of varying accuracy and may have been created for a different purpose other than that intended by the user.
  • The City of Wolverhampton Council will not be held responsible for decisions made based on the data provided.
  • The City of Wolverhampton Council reserves the right to remove and/or amend any data without prior notice.
  • If the user wishes to access the City of Wolverhampton’s data for commercial purposes, please notify the Council of this by emailing

Open Government Licence (OGL)

Unless otherwise stated, the data you access on the City of Wolverhampton’s website is published under the Open Government Licence. Upon accessing or “reusing” this licensed data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the Open Government Licence. For further information please read the Open Government Licence for end users guidance.

You are encouraged to use and re-use the Information that is available under the Open Government Licence, freely and flexibly, subject to the following conditions:

The City of Wolverhampton Council has no objection to organisations and individuals downloading its copyright-protected Material from the site and reproducing them in their own publications, or on their internal computer networks.

Use of copyright and database right Material expressly made available under this licence (the ‘Information’) indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions below.

Meaning subject to the following conditions, you are free to:

  • Copy, distribute and transmit the Material;
  • Adapt the Material;
  • Exploit the Material commercially whether by sub-licensing it, combining it with other information, or by including it in your own product or application.

In doing so you must:

  • Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Material available.
  • Use and reuse of the City of Wolverhampton Council’s data is subject to licensee (User) publishing the attribution statement and publishing the URL link to the OGL 3.0 licence. Further guidance can be found here.

Any publication or internal network which incorporates the Council’s Materials must include an acknowledgement of the source of such materials. If no specific statement is provided please use the following Attribution statement;

© City of Wolverhampton Council retains the sole intellectual property rights to all data. This data set is licenced under the Open Government Licence 3.0.

  • Ensure that you do not misrepresent the Material source.
  • Ensure that your use of the Material does not breach the Data Protection Act 2018 or the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.
  • The Material must be clearly separated from any comment made on it by the organisation or others.
  • Readers of the material must not be given the impression that the City of Wolverhampton Council is responsible for or has in any way approved the publication or network in which the Materials are reproduced.
  • The Materials may not be altered or amended unless such material is clearly marked as altered or amended by the organisation or others.
  • No fee may be charged by any organisation or individual reproducing the Council’s Materials in respect of reproducing Materials.
  • When producing the Council’s Materials organisations must have regard to any qualifying statements or descriptions attached to the Materials, (for example, descriptions such as 'consultation document ','discussion paper' or 'initial review' are important as are statements concerning the intended audience of the Material). If the Material is reproduced in full, or substantial extracts are reproduced, any qualifying statements attached to the Material must be included.
  • Any reproduction of the Council’s official forms, otherwise than for the purpose of submitting information to the Council, must be clearly marked ‘SPECIMEN’ unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Council.

Exemptions are:

  • The use of personal data in the Material
  • The City of Wolverhampton Council logos except where they form an integral part of a document or dataset
  • Third Party rights the City of Wolverhampton Council is not authorised to licence
  • Information subject to other intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and design rights
  • Identity documents e.g. the British Passport.

Unless otherwise stated there is no charge for the reproduction of Materials made in accordance with these conditions.

Subject to the conditions set out above, the Council has no objections to organisations reproducing in their own publications Materials available from this site.

The Material is licensed ‘as is’ and the City of Wolverhampton Council excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the Material to the maximum extent permitted by law.

The City of Wolverhampton Council is not liable for any errors or omissions in the Material and shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by its use. The City of Wolverhampton Council does not guarantee the continued supply of the Material.

INSPIRE (Ordinance Survey / Licensing and agreements) 

When downloading and/or reusing any data, please ensure you carefully read, and understand, the terms and conditions of the Public Sector End User Licence, and provide a link to the Public Sector End User Licence. Please ensure you acknowledge the City of Wolverhampton Council as the source of the data and provide a link to the Public Sector End User Licence.

Re-use of Material

Read City of Wolverhampton Council’s Reuse of Public Sector Information Regulations Policy here.