Information Governance is about ensuring that organisational information is managed as an asset to ensure that all statutory, regulatory, and best practice requirements are met.

Our approach is based on an information governance framework which sets out the areas to be covered in detail.

Information governance framework


Data Protection

Freedom of Information

Information Security

Records Management

Data Quality

Management Structure & Policies

For each framework heading there is a top-level policy setting out the council's rules, requirements and responsibilities. The Information Governance Board is responsible for implementing the framework.

Training & Awareness

There will be a planned approach to training and awareness for each policy. This will be role-based, regularly assessed and should equip each person to fulfil their responsibilities.

Procedures  & Documentation

There will be documented procedures to support agreed policies. These will specify any operational instructions required to ensure compliance with legislation and standards

New & Changed Systems

Information governance issues will be considered for all new and changed information system or deployment of ICT. The issues arising will be documented and assessed using information risk management methods where information assurance is identified as an issue.

Monitoring & Compliance

There will be timely and effective monitoring, reporting and compliance regime.

The framework is designed to ensure that there is a structured approach to the improvement of information governance and to ensure that Wolverhampton City Council:

  • holds information securely and confidentially
  • obtains information fairly and efficiently
  • records information accurately and reliably
  • uses information effectively and ethically
  • shares information appropriately and lawfully

Information Incident Reporting

It is the responsibility of all Wolverhampton City Council information users to be able to identify potential security events and report these directly to the Information Incident Contact Point.