The council has a duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by elected members. If you feel that one of our Councillors has broken the Councillors Code of Conduct, you should let us know.

Councillor Complaints

The Councillors Code of Conduct sets out the behaviour standards expected of Wolverhampton's Councillors. You can find this in the Downloads section.

Making a complaint

We recommend you read the Protocol before you complete this form. This is so you are aware of what will happen once you make the complaint.

Once you have read the Protocol, download and complete a copy of the Councillor Code of Conduct Complaints Form. Complete and return it by post to:

Chief Operating Officer & Monitoring Officer,
City of Wolverhampton Council,
Civic Centre,
St Peters Square,

or via email to

The Monitoring Officer will investigate your complaint. They will follow the arrangements for dealing with code of conduct complaints. You can find these arrangements in the Downloads section.

Council Service Complaints

The Monitoring Officer only deals with complaints about Councillors.

Use the council's complaints procedure if you are unhappy with:

  • the delivery of a Council service
  • a member of Council staff