The City Suite is home to a vast array of treasured artefacts.

There are more than 200 items of Civic regalia and insignia on permanent display in the City Suite at the Civic Centre. Detailed descriptions and photographs of some of the key items are pictured below in the gallery. The Mayor’s Office can organise visits for local schools, groups, community and faith organisations.

Please contact the Mayor’s Office if you would like any further information.

GalleryWolverhampton Borough Mace

The Wolverhampton Borough Mace in silver gilt and set on two silver rests with square bases (presented in 1893).

Originally belonged to the Borough of St Mawes in Cornwall.  The Borough of St Mawes was dissolved in 1856 and the Mace was returned to the donor, the first Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, the Lord of the Manor of St Mawes.  In 1840 it was sold to a London firm from whom it was purchased by Mr G.B. Thorneycroft, Wolverhampton’s first Mayor and presented to the town.

The Mace weighs approximately 125oz is 97cm long and has four panels, one is inscribed “The Gift of Geo. B. Thorneycroft the first Mayor 1848” etc, the second contains the seal of the Corporation, the third, the Royal Arms and the fourth, the arms of the first Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.

Hallmarked London 1821.

GalleryVisitor's Books

We have a number of visitor's books in the Mayoral Suite, the one pictured here is the County Borough of Wolverhampton Visitor's Book from 1897. Each book contains a vast array of notable names of those who have signed the books throughout the years.



Notable names:

  • Robert Baden Powell - 21/04/13
  • The Prime Minister, the Right Hon. David Lloyd George M.P. - 23/11/1918
  • HRH The Duke of York - 20/07/1922
  • HRH the Prince of Wales, Edward P - 13/06/1923
  • HRH the Prince George - 27/10/1931
  • Dinner for Wolves Inc. Stan Cullis and Billy Wright Signatures - Runners up in Division 1 1938-1939
  • Rt Hon Anthony Eden PC MP - 16/12/1947
  • HRH The Duke of Edinburgh - 16/12/1948
  • Rt Hon Winston Churchill - 23/07/1949
  • Rt Hon Clement Attlee - 09/02/1950
  • Visit of Spartak FC (Moscow) - 15/11/1954
  • Visit of Honved FC (Hungary) - 13/12/1954
  • HRH Princess Margaret - 26/05/1956

A selection of notable signatories from all three visitor's books can be found in the Downloads section.

GalleryMayoral Chain of Office

Presented by Councillor Isaac Jenks in 1873, the chain has a Greek design in square links of 18 carat gold and it is worn on formal occasions. The original pendant had the old coat of arms, the present pendant, with the new coat of arms, was presented by Mr Geoffrey Mander in 1902.

Made in silver gilt, the badge measures 160 x 110mm and is enamelled with the current coat of arms, hanging on a square section hollow fetter chain. Each section being 23.5mm length, 6 x 6.2mm in cross section. The total weight is 30oz unmarked valued as sterling quality, and mounted on a black velvet protector.

GalleryMayoress’s Medallion and Chain

The chain was presented by Joseph Jones in 1912 and is 18 carat gold and enamel. It varies in width from 19 to 21.5mm and is of 25 sections plus a centre section, 13 shields are joined by gold links with the old coat of arms.

The medallion and chain are worn for formal occasions. For informal occasions the Mayoress wears the medallion from her official chain, but with a separate gold necklet




City Status


On December 18, 2000 there was an official announcement in the House of Commons by the Home Secretary that Queen Elizabeth II would be awarding City status to Wolverhampton.

The Letters Patent, which confers City status, were signed and sealed on January 31, 2001 officially making Wolverhampton a City.

Billy Wright statue


A bronze figure of legendary former Wolves and England captain ‘Billy Wright CBE’ one of only three made replicating the statue currently outside the Molineux Football Stadium.

The campaign to raise a statue to Billy Wright was headed by Wolverhampton councillor Fred Ledsam. The funding for the statue, £50,000, was raised by public subscription. The statue was unveiled by Joy Beverley-Wright, the widow of Billy and a member of the Beverley Sisters. She was quoted as saying "It is a wonderful work of art. It is just like Billy - strong and powerful, yet showing the gentle side of the man."


GalleryNovember 30, 1866

In 1861 Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, died and she went into a period of deep mourning.

Led by their Mayor, George Lees Underhill, the people of Wolverhampton began a subscription to raise funds to erect a statue in his memory.

Queen Victoria was consulted as to what form she wished the memorial to take and it was agreed that a statue of him mounted on his favourite horse and dressed in the uniform of a field marshall would be appropriate.

Thomas Thorneycroft, a renowned sculptor was chosen to make the statue. Eventually the statue was finished in 1866.

GalleryQueen Victoria visit

It was decided that the Queen should be asked to come in person to Wolverhampton to unveil the memorial to her husband even though she had still not made any public appearances outside of London by 1866.

Prominent men from Wolverhampton including the Mayor, two Aldermen and the Town Clerk travelled to London and put their request to the Queen through the Home Secretary.

They expected Queen Victoria to refuse since she had rejected previous requests from Manchester and Liverpool. Surprisingly, she agreed and declared that she would visit Wolverhampton in 9 days time.

GalleryCommemorative book

The commemorative book was presented to the Council of the County Borough of Wolverhampton by Mr. Alderman Levi Johnson J.P., June 8, 1925

The preface to the book reads: "Most of the details contained in the following pages are extracted from the various reports of the Royal Visit to Wolverhampton which appeared in the local newspapers. A general desire was expressed for a connected compilation of these reports in a permanent shape. It is believed that the narrative comprised in this volume will be found to be an accurate and complete record of the inauguration, by Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, of the statue erected by the inhabitants of Wolverhampton to the memory of the great and good Prince Consort.

March, 1867.

GalleryWolverhampton Market

Artist: Robert K. Calvert

The location of the market in the painting is of course the current location of the piazza directly outside the Civic Centre.





Replica Waterloo cannon


A replica of a Waterloo cannon first manufactured in 1796 made in wood and brass, and mounted on a board with silver inscribed plate commemorating the Freedom of the Borough granted to the 210 Staffordshire Light Air Defence Battery on July 8, 1972.



Mayoral robes


The Mayoral robes worn on all formal civic occasions.