The Good Growth Strategy outlines the council’s proposed approach to economic development and how it will work alongside partners to support the local economy to grow.

The Good Growth Strategy will help to boost our economy in the right way. Good growth is about benefitting our people and our planet. It’s a sustainable model, a roadmap to economic prosperity and most importantly, a huge opportunity for us to improve the life chances and wellbeing of our residents. It’s living up to our goal of ‘All Wulfrunians living longer, healthier lives’.

It is based on 3 interconnected themes of place, people and productivity and a central principle of ‘good growth’:


  • Sustainable city with quality neighbourhoods and workplaces
  • Inclusive, low carbon transport network
  • Secure the potential of our city and town centres


  • Help businesses and organisations increase their productivity
  • Collaborate with businesses and academia to stimulate innovation
  • Maximise the city’s investment potential


  • Education, skills and employment system that meets local needs
  • Work with our partners to support health and wellbeing
  • Build community wealth through the Wolverhampton Pound

The strategy has been developed through regular, continued engagement with key stakeholders and communities – including residents, partner organisations, and the business community.
The City of Wolverhampton Council is one piece of a complex economic system. Delivering real economic change requires key partners to align around a shared vision. To make that happen, the Council has committed to using its role as a partner, enabler and leader to deliver change.