We’re preparing for a fantastic Yo! Holidays festival for children and young people which will take place during the school holidays. The festival will be promoted through our dedicated website yowolves.co.uk. which is a hub of information for children and young people across Wolverhampton detailing activities, and events.

To be involved with the Yo! Wolves and reach thousands of families and young people, please provide details of any activities you are holding during the school holidays and we will include them on the Yo! Wolves website free of charge.

Simply complete the form below ensuring you submit 1 form per activity, and where possible, supply any copyright-free imagery you would like us to use with your listing.

Once your entry has been submitted, we will provide you with a link for your to check your event's details.

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To monitor the impact of Yo! and to continue free advertising of your activities, we require attendance figures from each activity. These can be approximate numbers and will only be used to see how many activities were attended across the city. If we do not receive these figures then we may not advertise your activities in future.