Find out what can and can't be put in your bin to stop contamination.

Have you received an orange bin tag?

Tags are being placed on any recycling bins that contain the incorrect items asking residents to remove anything that shouldn’t be there.

Bins with the wrong items will not be emptied and residents will need to take their bin back in and remove the non-recyclable items and place them in the correct bin for disposal.

Collection crews will then check bins on the next scheduled recycling collection. If all the identified items are removed and there are no new incorrect items, the collection team will empty the bin.

Incorrect items in your black bin means waste can't be recycled and has to be disposed of separately, costing money and losing environmental benefits.

Please put your bin on the kerbside before 6.30am on your collection day and remove your bin from the kerbside by the end of your collection day.

Recycling bin (Black bin)

From Monday 29 January 2023, black recycling bins that contain incorrect items will no longer be emptied.

If your recycling bin has not been emptied and has an orange tag, please take your bin back in and remove the non-recyclable items that crews have highlighted on the tag. Please dispose of those items in the correct bin or at your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

Provided all the highlighted items are removed and there are no other incorrect items, the collection team will empty the bin on your next scheduled recycling bin collection date.

Items that can be put into your recycling bin:

  • aerosols ✔
  • cardboard ✔
  • drink cans ✔
  • foil packaging ✔
  • food tins ✔ (Empty and rinse out)
  • glass bottles and jars ✔ (Empty and rinse out)
  • household plastic bottles ✔
  • newspapers and magazines ✔
  • paper ✔
  • plastic drinks bottles ✔
  • plastic packaging (margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, food trays) ✔ (Empty and rinse out)
  • food and drink cartons (juice, soup, milk, etc.) ✔

Please do not use bags, cans should be crushed, plastic bottles should be squashed with the lids screwed back on and boxes should be flattened. Do not squash recycling into your bin, as this may get stuck and prevent it coming out of your bin when being emptied.

    Do not put any of the following into your Recycling bin:

    • pizza boxes ✖
    • polystyrene ✖
    • nappies ✖
    • garden Waste ✖
    • textiles, clothing or bedding ✖
    • electrical items ✖
    • glittery cards ✖
    • wrapping paper ✖
    • laminated paper ✖
    • shiny metallic paper ✖
    • ribbon and bows decorations ✖
    • any other General waste ✖
    • shredded paper should not be put in your recycling bin. We cannot recycle paper in this form. ✖

    If any of these items are in your bin, your bin will not be collected.

      Additional recycling

      We do not collect any additional recycling that is not in your Black Bin, all your waste must fit in your bin and the lid must be able to close – no lifted lid.

      We do not offer more than 1 black recycling bin per household.

      You can create more space in your Black bin, by crushing cans, plastic bottles and boxes.

      If you have excess waste and recycling this can be taken to one of our Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRC).

      Recycling in Flats

      For more information please download our 'Recycling in Flats' guide from the download section on this page.

      General Waste Bin (Brown/Green bin)

      Items that can be put into your general waste bin:

        • bread bags ✔
        • CDs, DVDs and videos ✔
        • cigarette ends ✔
        • coat hangers ✔
        • crisps and sweet ✔
        • drinking glasses ✔
        • food waste ✔
        • nappies ✔
        • pet waste ✔
        • plastic bags ✔
        • polystyrene ✔
        • pyrex dishes ✔
        • razor blades ✔
        • rope and string ✔
        • sanitary products ✔
        • thin plastics such as cling film ✔
        • tissues ✔
        • wallpaper and wrapping paper ✔

        Do not put any of the following into your general waste bin:

          • soil ✖
          • rubble ✖
          • garden waste ✖
          • batteries ✖
          • gas bottles ✖
          • clinical waste ✖
          • needles ✖
          • electrical items ✖

          We will class this as a contaminated bin and will not collect it. These items need to be taken to the rubbish tip.

          Excess household waste

          We do not collect any household waste that’s put at the side of your bin. All your waste must fit in your bin and the lid must be able to close – no lifted lid. We do not offer more than one general waste bin.

          Larger/Additional bins

          Only households with six or more people can request a larger or additional general waste bin.

          These can also be requested for medical reasons where you will need to provide an official written request on headed paper from a medical professional as proof.

          To make a request, please complete the New bin request form.

          Purple garden waste bin (paid-for service)

          Please ensure that all garden waste is placed loosely in your purple bin and not in bags.

          • grass cuttings ✔
          • hedge clippings ✔
          • leaves ✔
          • small branches ✔
          • tree prunings ✔
          • twigs ✔
          • weeds ✔
          • woody green waste up to six inches in diameter ✔
          • real Christmas trees ✔

          Do not put the following into your Garden Waste bin. 

          • Soil ✖
          • Rubble ✖
          • General Waste ✖
          • Recycling ✖

          If you only have a small amount of garden waste in your bin, it will still be collected. Do not overfill your garden waste bin. If it is too heavy for our staff to move it will not be emptied.