The City of Wolverhampton has a wide variety of play areas, which are upgraded and modernised whenever an opportunity arises.

We aim to provide a range of play equipment to cater for all ages and to provide stimulating, challenging apparatus to help keep Wolverhampton's children fit and healthy.

Efforts are made to provide play opportunities for children with disabilities as well as able-bodied children. Level approach pathways, wheelchair accessible gateways and the use of appropriate contrasting colours for ease of visibility are all important factors in ensuring accessibility for children with disabilities.

Increasingly, we are installing "inclusive" play equipment, where individual pieces of equipment have been designed to be accessible to children of all levels of ability. Designs have been adapted to enable easier access from ground level, and provide features such as wider slides, open/supportive seating and wider platforms, giving parents and carers the opportunity to help less able children.

Inclusive play equipment gives children with disabilities the chance to play alongside their able-bodied friends and some examples are shown below.

The Supernova

The Supernova roundabout has won awards for its inclusive design and was included in a recent upgrade of the play area at West Park. Children can use the Supernova either sitting down or lying on their tummies, which enables an easier and less risky ride. It is a "multi-user" unit so family/carers can also participate with the children. The Supernova can hold a group of users at the same time so that no one feels left out.

The Rotating Dish Roundabout

The rotating dish roundabout can be used for fast dynamic play. The rocking and rotating motion with good body support and security given by the shape makes the dish accessible to all. The angle and height of the dish make side transfer possible and minimises the lifting required by helpers.

The Busy Bee Springie

The Busy Bee Springie has been specially designed with open fronted access for the benefit of less able children. This item and the rotating dish roundabout have both been included in a recent upgrade of the play area at Ashmore Park.